Learn to Ski Without Fear at Winterplace

Skiing and snowboarding are two very common winter sports. People planning a winter vacation often consider going to a mountain resort and hitting the slopes, but for some, the fear of learning how to ski stops them. When it comes to learning how to ski people worry they might get hurt or look silly during the learning process. The thought of heading down even a beginners slope may be frightening.

At Winterplace in West Virginia, they understand that some people are nervous about learning this awesome sport, and they realize that the fear can prevent someone from having a good time. So, they’ve designed a learning program that takes the fear out of learning to ski.


Terrain Based Learning
While it’s often terrifying to try to learn on an actual slope, sometimes a classroom with no snow simply isn’t effective enough. Winterplace has found a unique compromise. They’ve created a way for you to learn to ski on actual snow without the risk of trees or falling on a steep slope. In their new program, you’ll get the feel of sliding on actual snow, going up and down small hills, and learning how to turn. This is all important, because while talking about leaning into your skis to turn is one thing, doing it is a whole other experience. Winterplace allows you to learn by doing, but in a safe and controlled environment they created for beginners just like you.

The Learning Process
First, you’ll simply get used to the feeling of your skis on the snow. You’ll slide around and learn to balance on flat terrain with helpful and skilled professionals right beside you. Nothing frightening about that, right? Then you’ll advance, moving down small hills that simply move you forward without the rush of speed that is often nerve-wracking to beginners. You’ll learn to control your skis by going around a very small turn at safe speeds with your teachers standing by to help you. This process isn’t just safe, but it’s very helpful. Your instructors will get to see you perform on the snow and have the opportunity to guide you, help you, and give advice that will have you feeling confident on your skis in no time.

Winterplace is the perfect ski vacation for family, couples, and beginners. Explore the beautiful mountain, go snow tubing, and learn how to ski all in one amazing and breathtaking resort. Don’t let the fear of learning to ski stop you from having the vacation of a lifetime. Experience the thrill of skiing without the fear of learning at Winterplace resort.