Whistler Blackcomb Rolls Out Their New Electric Snowmobiles

Technology is constantly evolving. We’ve seen the vast improvements for phones, computers, and cars over the last decade, and now improvements in snowmobiles. This coming winter, Whistler Blackcomb will unveil its new electric snowmobile. What’s new with the vehicles?

Less Noise
Have you ever tried to talk to someone who was sitting on a snowmobile? Or perhaps you were the one riding and were forced to scream over the noise. Either scenario can be a bit frustrating. The new electric snowmobiles eliminate that problem. Gone are the days where your hearing was impaired because you wanted to have some fun in the snow. Electric snowmobiles are much quieter so you can enjoy the beauty of a snowmobile tour without the annoying noise or inability to converse with others.

Better for the Environment
The earth has provided so much for us. It’s our home, our food source, our entertainment in many ways, and we should do our part to protect it. Driving an electric snowmobile is a great start. There’s no gas, no fuel tank, and no emissions to pollute the air. This will lead to a healthier, cleaner atmosphere, and hopefully, the trend catches on.

Better Handling
Snowmobiles are extremely popular, and it’s easy to see why. Exploring the snow-covered beauty winter provides is a unique and beautiful experience. Electric snowmobiles will do nothing but improve that experience by improving snowmobile handling. Now, you’ll be able to take turns that you couldn’t before, and have confidence that your vehicle will go where you tell it to with more precision and accuracy.

Whistler Blackcomb Resort is working to perfect their electric snowmobiles this summer and will unveil it this upcoming ski season. Guests will have the opportunity to test it out, give feedback, and be among the first to drive such a unique and advanced vehicle. It’s not hard to imagine that the electric snowmobile will one day be normal, but for now, it’s quite exciting and innovative.

So, if you’re planning a vacation to the snowy north, consider exploring Whistler Blackcomb’s newest addition and being one of the first to feel the quiet hum of an electric snowmobile beneath you. Check here forĀ discountsĀ for your upcoming vacation.