Vail Colorado Ski Rentals

It’s easy to find a deal on skiing and snowboarding rentals for your next vacation to Vail, Colorado. Home to the largest mountain ski resort in North America, you can save money and time with an online special from a trusted rental company that is close to the slopes. Vail ski rentals are available to all abilities and shops offer personalized service for skiers and snowboarders who don’t own or don’t want to haul their gear.

View Vail ski rentals and packages online and rent your gear prior to your getaway. Travel to the resort hands-free, and meet up with your rental representative at a time and location of your choosing for a custom fitting. Most rental companies offer free delivery and flexible scheduling options for both drop-offs and pick-ups.

Follow these tips to get a great deal on ski and snowboard gear rentals for your next trip to Vail, Colorado.
Follow these tips to get a great deal on ski and snowboard gear rentals for your next trip to Vail, Colorado.

Getting There

Vail, Colorado, is about 100 miles west of Denver on Interstate 70. Drivers will pass through the Eisenhower Tunnel and cross the Continental Divide just before arriving in Vail. From the east, Vail is about a 50-minute drive from Glenwood Springs, depending on weather conditions.

Vail/Eagle County Regional Airport is about 40 minutes from the ski resort. A few major airlines offer direct flights from major U.S. cities. Visit for more information.

It’s about a two-hour drive from the Denver International Airport (DIA) to Vail, traveling west along Interstate 70 once you pass through Denver. There are shuttle services available from both the Eagle airport and DIA.

Why ski Vail, Colorado?

Not only is Vail Ski Resort the biggest ski area in North America, it’s one of the most well-known and lauded resorts in the world. From the sizeable ski area to its renown Vail Village, it has been a ski and snowboard paradise for more than five decades. When many think of the picturesque mountain ski vacation, they think of Vail.

Vail Mountain is massive and has three separate ski areas: Golden Peak, Lionshead and Vail Village. There are currently more than 5,200 acres of terrain for skiing and about 195 total runs. The front side offers around 1,600 acres to ski, while the back bowls present another 3,000-plus acres. The Blue Sky Basin adds another 645 acres. The ski terrain is 18 percent for beginners, 29 percent intermediate and 53 percent advanced/expert. Vail receives about 350 inches of snow annually. The base elevation of Vail Mountain is 8,120 feet. Peak elevation is 11,570 feet with a vertical rise of 3,450 feet (1,052 meters). The longest run – Riva Ridge – is about four miles (6.4 kilometers).

In addition to its lengthy list of legendary runs and high-profile bowls, Vail has a pair of unique terrain parks to explore. Skiers and riders can hone their skills on an array of jumps, ramps and pipes. There’s also boxes, jibs, rails and bump terrain to conquer. The combination of man-made and natural terrain features make these parks enjoyable over and over again.

Known as a luxury destination, the resort area is a haven for skiers and snowboarders while the village area offers a plethora of arts and culture ranging from symphonies and operas to five-star dining choices and concerts from major music industry headliners. Vail is home to a bevy of annual winter events, including the 10th Mountain Legacy Parade, Vail Snow Days bash, Pink Vail to fight breast cancer, and the Burton U.S. Open for snowboarders.

Luckily, a trip to Vail today doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of choices for families and children, including ice skating, tubing, sleigh rides and educational programs. Adventure Ridge is a popular destination for families because it offers tubing, ski bicycles and a kid’s snowmobile track. Families looking to try skiing or snowboarding for the first time find affordable Vail ski rentals and can rest assured that the resort’s top-notch team of professional instructors will get you prepped for your time on the slopes. They have experience with all ages and abilities, and can assist with first-time groups or even more seasoned skiers who need to brush up on their fundamentals.

Here's our list of the best ski and snowboard rentals in Vail, Colorado. Rent gear or get a tune-up or wax before you hit the slopes at one of these trusted retailers.
Here’s our list of the best ski and snowboard rentals in Vail, Colorado. Rent gear or get a tune-up or wax before you hit the slopes at one of these trusted retailers.

Ski Rental Deals?

Vail is a huge resort, so the number of quality places to find Vail ski rentals can seem daunting at first. All of these shops provide expert customer service that’s personalized for you. Most companies have an online booking feature, so you can browse prices and make your reservations online prior to your trip. Rent a full set of gear, or just the items you need. Find the best ski deal for you, your family, or your group, and schedule a time to meet up when you arrive at Vail. Representatives can meet you in the store, at your condo or hotel, or somewhere at the ski resort. It’s up to you and what fits your schedule best. At the end of your ski trip, simply schedule a time to meet up to drop off your gear, and you’re on your way.

These local Vail ski rental outfitters will take good care of you: Note the ones with links are offering discounts and deals to save you money!

Tips, Tricks and More

  • Plan early. Making plans in advance offers you the best choices in lodging and often times the cheapest airfare. Snag a cheap flight, then browse our coupons and specials to find deals you can use on your vacation.
  • Don’t purchase expensive ski gear. Ski rental companies have all kinds of skis and snowboards to rent, so if you’re looking for something special, ask about high performance skis. They may cost a little more to rent, but you’ll definitely notice a difference. Ski a day or two on regular skis, then switch it up on Day 3 and notice the change. You may never go back to “normal” skis again.
  • Want to try the hottest new items? Simply ask your outfitter. Call ahead and speak to a professional if you have any questions. It’s OK to reach out to an outfitter if you have questions or want to know what’s new or coming soon.
  • If you love the gear you’ve rented, speak to your outfitter about purchasing it. Often times ski retailers will have rental skis or equipment to sell at a fraction of the price of new gear. It’s a great way to score a pair of high-end skis that are maybe a season or two old.
  • If you sweat a lot, bring an extra pair of socks to change into during your lunch break. It’s a good way to freshen up before a busy afternoon making turns on the mountain. You want to stay dry, and comfy, in your boots. If you have any concerns, contact your outfitter ASAP. You don’t want to develop blisters or other pains that could cost you time on the slopes.
  • Try the terrain parks. If you never have, it’s a wonderful break from the up-down all day. Terrain parks have challenges for skiers and riders of all abilities, so there should be some adventures for you there. Spending some time at the terrain park can help work other muscles while fine-tuning your skiing skills.
  • Keep in tune with the Village. Vail Village is the epitome of a classic mountain town. It’s cobblestone walkways and alpine-influenced architecture provides a picturesque backdrop for a memorable mountain vacation. There’s always plenty going on in Vail Village, so check online for apres-ski specials, concerts and other fun outings. There’s plenty to do in Vail Village after the skiing ends for the day.
  • Make it Epic. Vail is also part of the Epic Pass promotion. The Epic Pass allows unrestricted and unlimited skiing at a number of top resorts worldwide. Purchasing an Epic Pass annually ensures you can ski Vail all you want while hitting other key destinations as well. It’s the most flexible ski pass on the market that offers the biggest bundle of skiing anywhere in North America. In short, it’s pretty epic.