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The Epic Pass is a money saver and convenience-maker all in one. Whether for work or pleasure, you have the unique opportunity of traveling the country. The opportunities given to enjoy the several beautiful ski resorts across the U.S. and enjoy your love of gliding down the slopes should be taken advantage of, she what better way to do it than by utilizing your Epic Pass. There are several perks to the Pass that will make your ski resort stay all the better. Here are just a few that maybe you haven’t considered, or maybe weren’t even aware of:

Access to over 45 Resorts Nation-Wide

The variety brought to you is vast. You’re able to access up to 45 resort areas in Colorado, California, Utah, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Vermont. Members receive access to the biggest resort in the country, Park City, as well as Wilmot Mountain in Wisconsin, and the iconic Stowe Resort in Vermont. All of this is given throughout 2018 at an even greater rate than the previous season’s pass.

Bring your Friends!

Have any friends who are on-the-fence about skiing, or feel they’re unable to afford it? The discounted lift tickets might be your answer for them. These tickets include fixed discount rate “Buddy Tickets” and as of today, up to 6 Ski-With-a-Friend-Tickets whose price depends on the going rate of the resort that day.

An Overseas Getaway

Maybe you’d like to experience resorts outside of the U.S.? Well, you certainly can, and the Epic Pass covers you there, too. This year, the Epic Pass is including access to four iconic European resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. And with established resorts throughout Canada, Australia, and Europe including Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia, Canada and The Perisher Resort in Australia for their 2018 winter season, the Epic Pass gives you an opportunity to enjoy ski slopes outside the commonality of your home at a discounted rate.

Kids K-5th Ski Free with Epic SchoolKids 

Living in Colorado or Utah and have a family? The Epic Pass has you covered.  The program provides kids  K-5 with 4-5 free ski days each season at quality resorts such as Breckenridge, Keystone, Keystone, Beaver Creek, or Vail. It also offers a one-day free beginner ski lesson as well as ski rentals in January. Keep in mind this offer is only available for a limited time.

If you act now you save up to 40% off ticket window prices! The Epic Pass provides a number of luxuries and benefits.

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