Uber Ski Transportation Debuting in Colorado

Skiers and snowboarders will often do anything to get up to the mountains, especially when there’s fresh powder. But getting up to your favorite ski resort just got a little easier if you live in Colorado or are visiting for a ski vacation. According to a recent article from The Aspen Times, Uber debuted ski transportation in Colorado via a new service called uberSKI this season.


This service helps skiers and snowboarders get right to the resorts from the airport, or wherever they are coming from.

Uber tested the service in Reno and Salt Lake City and found that people flying into these cities often wanted to go straight to the resorts, before heading to a hotel or residential area. So of course Colorado was a natural choice for the next location for uberSki. Park City is only half an hour away from the Salt Lake City airport, but skiers in Colorado have a farther drive from DIA to the mountains. People are looking for affordable and accessible transportation and Uber wants to be the answer to this need.

Those who have frequented ski resorts know that parking is often a hassle and people have to park far away from the lifts, carrying all their gear onto a shuttle, and then finally arriving closer to the lifts. Uber offers people the ability to get dropped off as close to the lifts as possible and cuts down on the congestion and parking problems many resorts experience.

The same article mentions a ride-sharing program called Zipcar that recently debuted in Breckenridge where people can rent cars by the hour and the cars are mountain ready. Uber and Zipcar are two examples of ride-sharing programs that are competing with crowded and inconvenient shuttle services.

If you are heading to Colorado during ski season this year, Uber Ski just might be your ticket to ride!