Tuning & Waxing Your Ski Gear

A quick how-to on how often you should tune up your skis and snowboards!

It’s easy to leave things to the wayside and say you’ll get to them tomorrow. We do it when we have to take of chores, run errands or take care of our items. But when it comes to things like ski gear, the same strategy might not work to your advantage. When you want to enjoy optimal skiing conditions, you’ll find that you need to tune and wax your gear.

It’s like running shoes; if you don’t switch them out every few years they’ll wear down over time. Much like running shoes, skis and snowboards experience a lot of wear-and-tear during the season. So how often do you really need to take care of them? And is it important for you to maintain them even during the off-season?

When To Tune & Wax Your Skis

tune and wax your gear every once and awhile to really keep them in shapeThere’s absolutely no need for you to maintain skis and snowboards every day. If you did that you might overdo it and waste hard earned money in the process. However, you do want to take care of them the days that you do enjoy out on the slopes. A few key reminders when considering how often to tune your gear is this:

  • Dry equipment after every use. This stops rust, corrosion and overall damage.
  • Wax your skis & boards about every 4-6 days.
  • Edges should be maintained every day when riding with a diamond file

Edges are oftentimes not taken care of as much as tuning and waxing when they should be considered in the same way. Filings edges will help you balance your speed, stops, and movement on the snow. A day can easily be ruined or feel not as enjoyable when these things are not taken care of right away. And who wants to come back from the mountain in a bad mood?

Knowing when to rewax gear can also be a bit of tricky business because it can be determined a number of ways. If you’re traveling to a new ski area, then you most certainly want to make sure your skis are waxed. If you feel snow is starting to get sticky then that’s another good indicator to hop to it. Use your best judgment and do a little research if you’re still unsure. You’ll have a better understanding and won’t be guessing when it’s the most convenient.

Why Is It So Important?

Many people tend to think that since snow is already slippery, there’s no way that waxing or tuning is needed. If you choose not to have these services done either at a shop or on your own time, then you can skip it. But also be aware how much quicker gear can wear down and need to be switched out. While waxing and tuning aren’t going to stop gouges from exposed rocks from potentially happening, it can prevent seal bases from drying out.

What Type Of Waxing Should I Use?

take care of your gear and it'll last longer through regular waxing and tuningThere are quite a few options when it comes to choosing wax. The best answer is that “it depends.” Several factors go into determining which ones to use, like the climate (or temperature range) you’ll be skiing in or the type of terrain you’ll be tackling. The ones most commonly used in shops (and that can be purchased) are rub-on wax, hot waxes, and high-performance wax. The latter is best suited for advanced skiers but does have a wide selection to choose from. Again, it all comes down to where you’re skiing, what type of skiing you’re doing and so on.

Being good to your skis and snowboards is exactly like taking care of shoes, cars, and even your clothes. You want them to be in top form for as long as you can, and each has their own steps and tips to follow to extend the longevity of each. Be sure to also utilize your local ski shops while you’re at a resort.

The techs there will help provide more guidance and answer more crucial questions about the upkeep of your equipment. Ski Coupons features many ski shops across the country for you to easily access, so you can start your search there before you head off on your ski trip and maybe even find a ski tuning coupon! Stay safe on the snow, and don’t forget to squeeze in some tuning and waxing for you gear when you can!