Snacks are Key to All Day Energy on the Slopes

Most people are familiar with the phrase “no friends on a powder day.” The idea of waiting for your night owl friends to crawl out of bed while you miss first chair is simply too much for many powder enthusiasts, and stopping for lunch? Forget it!

Eating lunch during the ski day is a sleeping dragon of sorts – the cozy lodge and warm, filling food have to capacity to send an unsuspecting skier straight into a food coma, struggling to recover for some afternoon turns.


The key to outlasting a long day of shredding is snacking because it helps to fuel your tank without becoming overfull and lethargic. So whether you’re too stoked to leave the slopes for a bite, or are looking to re-fuel through the day, here are some of my top snacks for getting the most out of your lift ticket buy!

Whether it’s the cold pizza from the other night, or the second half of that huge burrito you had for lunch yesterday, leftovers are gold in the ski food world. Hand-held foods that require no utensils are a bonus – you won’t miss the microwave when chowing down on the chairlift. Be wary of the gut-bomb, however, a few bites on each lap should stave off the food coma.

Protein Bars
If you are planning on staying on the hill all day, try a meal replacement bar such as Pro Bar, Omnibar, or Clif Bar. For a lighter snack, my favorites are Kind Bars and Nature Valley Sweet and Salty Nut bars.

Trail Mix
Buy it mixed or throw together your favorite combination of nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. Trail mix is always satisfying and full of protein for the boost you need.

Dehydration also can lead to fatigue, especially at high altitudes. Drink water early, and as often as you can to keep your body in balance. Add Acli-Mate to your water and it’ll also help restore lost carbs, sugar and electrolytes faster so that you don’t get that queasy mountain sickness feeling.

One of my favorite things after a long day of skiing is a hot cup of tea, and there’s no need to wait until you get home! I love to pre-brew some tea in a large insulated mug, drink some on the way up to the hill, and finish it off when I get back to the car. It’s a perfect way to end a day on the slopes.