The Essential Guide to Skiing At Jack Frost/Big Boulder

If you've ever considered skiing in Pennsylvania, then this ski resort should be a top pick!

The Poconos offer incredibly idyllic and snowy oases for snow lovers everywhere. And one of the most beloved areas in the region is the Jack Frost ski resort, an inviting and family-friendly destination known for its unique configuration. Dubbed the “upside-down mountain,” this versatile destination sparks excitement the minute you arrive.

Like many resorts, creating a “to do” list for Jack Frost might turn out to be a mile long thanks to all of the wonderful activities available to guests. It’s a hard task to finish everything you want to do, even if you’ve been there before. For those who are newer to the area, it might be harder to narrow down where to start. Or how to properly hit up all the exciting things while you’re there. Luckily, we’re going to break that down so you can plan accordingly!


Riding The Slopes and Trails


riding the trails are so much fun especially when you have an idea of where to beginWhat makes Jack Frost great is that its terrain caters to skiers and snowboarders of all levels. And for those who want to ride the corduroy a little quicker, it’s best to hop onto the farther lanes because they typically have shorter lines. There are a number of wide slopes and lots of room to move around like in areas called Snowflake and Frosty. Beginners will get a kick out of these spots and gain confidence in their abilities. Because Jack Frost is the “upside-down mountain,” guests will find trails beginning at the top of the mountain near the main lodge and ski school.

For intermediate skiers, Ridge Run or Easy Rider are great trails to experience gradual inclines to practice your speed. Experts and adrenaline junkies can try the Thunderbolt run or Floyd’s Folly to get their hearts pumping. Just a few miles away at Big Boulder, advanced skiers can also take on Draufganger – a treeline run that’s sure to test your skills!

While there are several other trails to get acquainted with, it might be hard to get to them all in one day. Unless of course, you’re just that hungry for fresh powder. If that’s the case, then just hop onto more lifts and get swept up in the fun!


Drinks and Eats


eating on or off mountain at Jack Frost Big Boulder will be easy with this essential guideYou’ll find an assortment of delicious treats to dive into when you need to refuel for the day. From bars to lounges and cozy, small eateries, guests can find a lot of food choices while they’re in the area. The Fiddler’s Fridge is the perfect place for people to enjoy Apres festivities after a long day on the snow. Listen to some live music or get up, dust of your dancing shoes and get ready to dance into the night.

Snag a coffee or warm beverage from Java Jacks or if you’re just looking for a few things to snack on, you can swing by the Tubing Snack Bar at Big Frost’s park just a few minutes away. If options on the mountain don’t exactly meet your cravings, you can swing by the town of Blakeslee for even more choices! There are favorites like Papa Santo’s Pizza, Woody’s Country House and Terra-Cottage Cafe. The latter is the perfect stop for some unique and local breakfast menu items that will leave you feeling full and happy.  The town is the perfect stop to include during your trip to Jack Frost and experience more of the local scene!


Tubing For Everyone


there's nothing quite like tubing down the mountain at a really fast speed at Jack Frost Big Boulder!Jack Frost/ Big Boulder is all about having the most fun possible. And that’s true for all aspects of the skiing areas. Tubing is certainly something every resort has as an alternative to skiing for the day. But not everyone takes the time to get in on the action even though it’s one of the best ways to explore the resort.

The pace is a little slower, and while you’re still going pretty fast from the top of the hill, you don’t have to think about the smallest change in your technique. Well, that is if you don’t have your own strategy. And if you do, then you’re more than welcomed to use it when snow tubing; it’s just not as big of a requirement as when you’re skiing!

At JFBB, the rules are a little more lenient and the workers might even let you try going down head first. You do have to remember other people are also in the area, so if you’re going to attempt this just be mindful of everyone around you! So maybe you still have to pay some attention to what you’re doing on the snow but at least you can easily move your tube out of the way as you glide down.


Renting Your Equipment


While the two resorts are a mere 10 miles away from each other, it can be quite frustrating to figure out the logistics of your rental equipment. Many people choose to rent their gear rather than bring their own, however, it’s still tricky to move around a resort with everything in tow.

If you start in Big Boulder and head towards Jack Frost, do you have to head all the way back to drop everything off? And the answer is no! It’s easy to bring rental gear with you from either end and drop it off wherever you finish out the day. A pro tip to remember before you even grab your rentals is that it’s best not to dress for skiing or riding. While it might seem counterintuitive, it’ll actually allow you to move around easier when you’re being fitted for boots and looking for other gear.


The Full Snow Experience


there's nothing like exploring a new ski resort like Jack Frost Big Boulder!Skiing at JFBB is unique because you get to ski in two different areas at once. If you’re new to the area but have been skiing for a little while, you’ll be prepared to some degree. However, your experience when you finally get out on the trails might surprise you. The entire concept of the mountain is different than most resorts. Its main lodge is towards the top and you won’t notice any ski hills driving until you’re at the parking lodge. The snow is also hard to describe because it has its own consistency that’s a strange mixture of fluff and solid. Their powder is vastly different from snow more commonly seen out on the West coast or in places like Colorado. But that’s to be expected because no two resorts will exhibit the same type of powder.

You’d find people hard-pressed to say they’d want snow to be exactly the same at every resort. Because that would take all the fun out of carving turns and racing down the mountain! Jack Frost/Big Boulder has a lot to offer and some exciting features that you won’t find just anywhere else. With so much to do, it’s hard to know where to start. But with this essential guide, you’ll have an easier time getting around and enjoying a new winter playground!