How to Find Discount Lift Tickets

Do yourself a favor this year when you want to go skiing, buy some discount lift tickets. This allows you to save money so you can go skiing more often. How do you find these tickets? There are several ways of finding them.

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The Latest Trends in Snowboard Gear to Try

It’s almost time to lace up your boots and strap on your board for another awesome season of riding. Before you grab your season pass and head up to the mountains, here’s a look at the latest trends in snowboard gear.

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National Brotherhood of Skiers

In February 1973, there were few African Americans on the ski slopes and black ski clubs were a rarity, according to Art Clay and Ben Finley. At the time, both men were ski enthusiasts and leaders of their local ski clubs. Clay and Finley envisioned an organization that would bring together the 13 black ski clubs across America. That vision launched the first “Black Summit” on Ajax Mountain in Aspen, attended by over 350 skiers. The historic event was so successful that Clay and Finley called a meeting in Salt Lake City during the subsequent Thanksgiving weekend to form the National Brotherhood of Skiers. According to Finley the purpose of the organization was “to identify and discuss problems and subjects which were unique to the black skiing population, ski and socialize.” Chartered in 1974 and incorporated as a non-profit the following year, the National Brotherhood Of Skiers has grown and broadened its reach over the years.

Photo: Courtesy of Dallas Morning News

Photo: Courtesy of Dallas Morning News

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Get Started with Jackson Hole Central Reservations

Jackson Hole moved up from sixth place into the Number ONE Spot this year on Ski Magazine’s list of top ski resorts in the nation. This exciting announcement comes out just in time for ski season, and it gives travelers the incentive to head out there this year. Just this past week, they got a head start on their average 460 inches of snow a year receiving 10 inches of snow in one day. Even more tempting now! But, we wonder, how does this translate for you in terms of planning and affording a family vacation to the area? Let’s find out!

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2013-2014 Opening Days for Ski Resorts across the Nation!

We’re getting word from all over that ski resorts are already getting snow and have opened select runs and terrain parks. And because we are so excited for the ski season to officially start, we’ve compiled a full list of the United States’ ski resorts opening days for the 2013-2014 Ski Season. From the West to the East, find your favorite ski resort’s Opening Dates and be the first on the slopes! Before you go, check out the Ski Coupons resort map and find deals and discounts for your entire ski trip to resorts across the  United States and Canada.

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Canyons – New to Vail Resorts, Not at All New to the Ski World

Traveling to Utah for a ski vacation can get, well, expensive. Utah’s ski resort season passes are among the highest around (Deer Valley’s Pass, for example is around $2k) . That’s why the announcement that The Canyons has joined Vail Resorts and the Epic Pass was such a welcome surprise to vacationers and lovers of the sport. In previous years, the Canyon’s season pass was as high as $849, but the local’s pass is just $529 for the 2013-2014 season.

Photo Courtesy of Canyons Resort

Photo Courtesy of Canyons Resort

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Afton Alps 50th Year Offers Major Upgrades

Throughout the 2012-2013 ski season, Vail Resorts announced the acquisition of three ski resorts, two in the Midwest and one in Utah. This is great news all around for not only Midwest ski and snowboard lovers, but also for Epic Pass holders. It’s just another reason why Vail has consistently dominated in the world of skiing. We’ll be taking a look at each of these resorts to find out what exactly Vail plans to bring to the table for the 2013-2014 ski season and beyond. First up is Afton Alps in Minnesota.

Artistic Rendering of the New Terrain Mapat Afton Alps

Artistic Rendering of the New Terrain Map at Afton Alps

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