Ski Season Opening Days Guide 2017-2018

When the sound of autumn leaves crunching underfoot changes to packed snow, you can’t help but imagine fresh tracks on your favorite mountain. Even if you’re in an area that won’t see storms for weeks (or months), there are reminders that opening days are dropping: sports shop tune-up clinics, local gear swaps, and sweet deals popping up. Whether you’re unpacking your ski sweaters or hustling for passes, it’s time to start planning for ski season 2017-18.

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Idaho’s Brundage Mountain, One of the Best Ski Schools

With access from Boise, Seattle and Portland, Brundage Mountain claims to have the “Best Snow in Idaho.” We don’t doubt that it does. Naturally, Idaho is low in population, and high on peace and quiet. And it also offers bustling prominent ski locations with one of the best ski schools in the nation.

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6 Ways to Learn to Ski & Ride in the Northwest and Southwest

It is no secret that learning to ski or snowboard costs money. However, during National Ski and Snowboard Month in January, many resorts throughout the country offer all-inclusive packages for beginners that cover everything you need to learn to slide downhill.
New skiers and snowboarders can learn to ski and ride with packages that covers all of the basics for rock-bottom prices. Here are just some of the many packages that make learning to ski and ride in the Northwest and Southwest easy, and affordable.

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Smaller Ski Resorts You Would Love!

My brother has a goal to ski at least one new ski area every season. For those of us who hold a season pass to our local mountain or plan a week-long ski vacation to the same resort every year, it can be easy to fall into the habit of sticking with the places that we love. Having skied upwards of 50 ski areas myself, I too have a running list of ski areas that are near and dear to my heart. As a ski racer, it was never difficult to meet the goal of visiting a new ski area each year. Now that I am out of the ski-racing world, I can relate to the woes of paying for the bigger resorts. My solution? Give the little guys a shot! Trying out the less well-known ski areas can be a great way to save a couple bucks while experiencing something new. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite smaller ski areas.

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