Would You Catch a Ride Up the Slope in a Subaru Instead of a Ski Lift?

The world of skiers and snowboarders is full of extreme characters that are willing to try just about anything. But what would you think about this unusual phenomenon happening in Japan? Would you catch a ride up the slope in a Subaru? You may have a hard time imagining what this even means, but it is exactly as it sounds. A number of ski resorts in Japan are planning on using snow taxis in the form of Subarus starting this season.


Subaru will offer these taxis as a publicity stunt to promote the off-road and snow handling capabilities of their SUVs. Promotional videos show riders loading into a Subaru at the chair lift and then racing up the mountain in the car, cruising over the ice and snow with ease. Overhead angles show the cars driving up the mountain underneath the lift with the passengers laughing and bouncing along all the way.

While it certainly isn’t a sustainable or efficient way to get people up the mountain, it sure looks like fun! And it will definitely draw attention to the brand as skiers and snowboarders get to try it out during the promotional January period. Imagine riding the ski lift and looking down only to see a Subaru with bright decals racing up the mountain beneath you. Well, if you can catch a plane to Japan in the next few weeks, maybe you can.

You might have to awhile for this promo to hit North America, if it ever does. But for now, you can get the best deals on ski and snowboard rentals, gear and lift tickets (but sorry—no Subaru lift tickets available) on skicoupons.com.

Would you try it?