Stage Custom Goggles

All skiers can tell you that goggles are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment when skiing. Our friends over at Stage are not only building a great company, but they are also doing good things for their community. Now, you can’t get much better than that.

When you visit their website, you will currently find the offer of free shipping when you order items adding up to over $35 in cost. That’s a plus. Then, as you peruse the site, you will find that their goggles are fully customizable. Example: You can choose stunt goggles if you like. The strap can be added in different color options, with an assortment of designs and words, while the frames can also be color-coordinated. The lenses can be blue, dark smoky, gold, lightly smoked, photochromic, pink, red, smoky rainbow, and more.

This cool as heck site also sells:

  • sunglasses
  • flyweight goggles
  • OTG goggles
  • touch gloves
  • winter sports gloves
  • face masks
  • neck warmers
  • balaclavas
  • bags
  • ski poles
  • ski tuning supplies
  • sup boards and accessories
  • sup paddles
  • kayak paddles

As if that weren’t enough to get you on the STAGE goggles team, you need to know that these guys also have hearts of gold. They support outdoor community activities for nonprofits in their little corner of Utah. A large percentage of their Good Guy Goggles’ profits is donated to their four current charities. That means customers can help nonprofits and become owners of The Most Versatile Goggles in the World at the same time. They even have a standing request on their website for people’s ideas concerning nonprofits that need support.

The Utah Avalanche Center Good Guys Goggles donations help the center provide education and daily advisories that allow skiers to get their skiing time in, but know when it’s time to leave the mountain.

The National Ability Center assists individuals in learning lifelong skills through sports, outdoor activities, education, and recreation. The center works to enhance the self-esteem, confidence, and happiness of individuals. The NAC works to empower those in need.

SOS Outreach is an organization with the mission of inspiring youth to make confident decisions for healthy and prosperous lives. Life skills are passed on to the young people through the use of progressive outdoor programs, which, in turn, create increased community benefits to the areas where SOS Outreach operates.

Wasatch Adaptive Sports cares about building abilities, independence, and the love of active living by providing beginners’ instruction in recreational pursuits for those with adaptive needs. To do this, the organization uses adaptive equipment when necessary. The goal is to increase mobility in a social environment.

All Good Guys Goggles cost $50. A small price for being a part of such a generous and much-needed movement, wouldn’t you say? We say,”Yes!”