Spring Skiing: 5 Places to Hit the Slopes When It’s Warmer

When you think of skiing, below-freezing temperatures and harsh winds may come to mind. However, this does not always have to be the case. Hitting the slopes in March and April can give you the thrill of skiing without the bitter cold. Before you get skeptical and have thoughts of skiing through patches of grass and melting snow, consider these resorts that know how to serve up stellar spring skiing. Always check our last minute deals for big spring savings!

1. Heavenly Mountain Resort
This Lake Tahoe, CA resort stays open into May! The high quality snow and excellent scenery make this a popular destination for springtime skiing. Similar to the Rocky Mountains, Heavenly Mountain receives plenty of snow every year, which allows skiing to still take place in the warmer months. There are also summer activities at the resort.

2. Big Sky Resort, Montana
Big Sky Resort is a very well-maintained resort in Montana. Its season lasts until mid-April, and during the spring months there are often large discounts. There are also amenities such as a spa, high-quality lodging, and summer activities. The Rocky Mountain snow here stays at good consistencies for the majority of the year.

3. Alta, Utah
This Rocky Mountain resort is noted for having arguably the best snow in the entire country. While its season may not last into April, the warmer March weather will kick in during its late season, and the snow quantity AND quality will still be very high. Alta also features slopes for beginner skiers and higher-level skiers.

4. Killington, Vermont
Killington is noted as one of the best ski resorts on the east coast. The resort has stayed open until May in the past, as it can stay cool for a long period of time. The climate in the spring can be refreshing here, as it often is from 40 – 50 degrees. There are six peaks at this resort, and 1,509 skiable acres.

5. Verbier, Switzerland
Traveling to Switzerland may be pricey and out of the question for some people, but this resort in the Alps is worth every penny for an avid skier. Verbier features breathtaking alpine views with powdery snow for miles. The Swiss climate allows skiing into late spring, and has hotels and lodging near or within the resort.

Each of these resorts are great options in the springtime if you love the thrill of skiing, but hate the cold with it. Hopefully, you can eventually see for yourself what these resorts are all about. Browse the skicoupons.com site more information Рand great discounts Рaround spring skiing.