How to Save Money on Spring Break Ski Vacations

You can always find more ways to save!

The words “spring break” are typically and universally associated with images of the beach, sunsets and huge crowds. But for snow lovers and enthusiasts, it means it’s time to plan out a ski trip to places a little bit cooler (or at least colder)! You might have been envisioning your Spring Break ski vacation all season long, and now that the moment has arrived you’re ready to dive into booking it all in one go. However, because life gets busy sometimes, you might not have planned for budgeting. And figuring out how you’re going to do all of this before spring break arrives seems almost impossible.

The good news is that all hope is not lost! Especially when you’ve got a quick and handy guide to help you meet your ski goals. Saving money for your spring break vacation can be done even when you’re only a few weeks away. All you have to do is take a few minutes to jot down the basics and follow these helpful tips! You’ll be all set for your vacation and do a little less damage on your wallet in the process.


Utilize Those Flyer Points


big savings means you are going to have the best spring break everIf you happen to have a credit card with rewards, then see how many you currently have! When you’re planning on flying to your destination this year, you have a few extra things on your list to check off. The biggest one being that you have to get those plane tickets, which can be costly around spring break.

With enough points, you can take advantage of them and apply it to your tickets, lodging and sometimes even a rental car. It just depends on the type of card you have! Sometimes family members might also have points so you can also ask around to see if anyone isn’t using theirs.


Compare Resort Costs


On average, one-day adult lift tickets are $174 (2019 pricing) at the Aspen ski resort in Colorado. It’s still a popular resort all the same, with world-class skiing and quality guest services. But if you’re looking to save this year buying a single day lift ticket at the resort ticket window wouldn’t be your best option. Add the cost of bringing the whole family along, and you’re more than likely going to go above your set cap.

On the other hand, resorts like Purgatory offer more affordable prices on a full day’s worth of activities. For a one-day lift ticket, one-night stay, equipment rentals, and lunch combined you’re looking at about $237.50 per day. So you can already see how you’re saving! Pick destinations that aren’t the most popular in the state to really stretch your dollar. You probably won’t come across massive crowds or wait in long lines like at bigger resorts. And you’ll still get to enjoy fantastic views and ski to your heart’s content. Additionally, buying your lift tickets in advance at most any ski area, online, will save you money. In some instances LOTS of money!


Promotions, Promotions, Promotions


get excited because you're going to save so much money this year for spring break skiingSki resorts want to help their guests as best as they can through seasonal promotional deals. Ski Coupons also works diligently to bring eager snow-lovers the best rates to give them the best “bang for their buck.” Sign up for email lists, or even use Google to your advantage and do plenty of searches on lift tickets (for example) for a day or two

Ads will more than likely start to appear and might help you if you don’t have the time to do more in-depth research. It’s also easier than ever to head to daily deal sites that are dedicated to offering competitive prices. Or you can try to find fantastic packaged rates from some of your favorite websites and make it easier on yourself to take care of all your vacation booking in one go!


Pick Alternative Transportation Options


Arranging for your ski vacation is one thing. However, actually getting there is a whole different piece that you have to consider. Traffic during the season can range from “ok” to “oh no” even on the same day. You also have to consider that once you get there, you’ll have to find a place to park, which can sometimes cut into your ski time.

To avoid some of the headache that does come with traveling to your favorite ski destination, try taking advantage of public transportation in your area. There are quite a few options that are free, or at least cheaper than a tank of gas. Buses, trains or carpooling with friends all can help you save a few extra dollars and every little bit counts!


Choose Lodging Wisely


lodging is one of the most expensive things when you ski so save some money for your spring break vacation with a few tipsWhile staying at larger hotels or more luxe condos does sound like a dream, they may not be the perfect fit when you’re trying to save money this season.

If you’re planning on going with a big group, you might have a chance to get special lodging discounts. By doing a little digging you can find some pretty great lodging deals that help save money per person. Some resorts might even have additional perks to make your stay more satisfying and get you hyped about all the cash you’re able to put back in your pocket.

Many resorts will begin running spring break deals, mid-season. It’s best to do a search, check on their website or peak at Ski Coupons latest deals to see if you can take advantage of a stellar discount. And if you’re a college student, or there’s one in the family, they can bring their ID with them. Participating resorts provide discounted rates that’ll definitely give your wallet a rest. This year spring break is going to be amazing so get started early and let the savings commence!