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One of the best ways of beating the winter blues is to embrace the season. That is, get involved in fun winter activities. They will elevate your mood and make you look forward to the winter. One of the best activities is snowshoeing. Because of its popularity, you can snowshoe among other enthusiasts or find solitude by going on the less traveled paths. Here are five reasons to take up snowshoeing:

It’s a Fun Way to Burn Calories

Because people tend to stay indoors in the winter, weight gain can be a problem. Snowshoeing is a fun way of burning off these calories. Depending on the terrain, your speed, the snow conditions, your weight and sex, you can burn between 420 and 1046 calories per hour. Unlike running on your treadmill, you’re indulging in fun exercise.

It Improves Your Health

Snowshoeing improves your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your arms (when using poles) and legs. Improved health reduces sick days, and promotes an overall feeling of well-being. Snowshoeing can be as aerobically intense as running (if that’s what you want). Unlike running, it’s a low impact activity, which means it’s easy on your joints. You get the same benefits without the injuries.

It Reduces Stress

This happens in two ways. First, its aerobic nature promotes an increased feeling of well-being, which makes you more tolerant of stressful situations. Second, spending time outdoors in natural surroundings reduces stress levels.

It’s Inexpensive

It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. Your outing can be as simple as a free one hour excursion in a local park, or a trip to an area with groomed trails such as the Gold Run Nordic Center. Snowshoeing gear is quite inexpensive compared to skiing, and there is no need to buy lift tickets.

It’s Easy to Learn

You can readily pick up snowshoeing with some tips from a friend, or by watching others sharing the trail with you. It doesn’t demand a great deal of skill. Start on level ground and place one foot in front of the other while using the poles for balance. With a little practice, you’ll quickly master the technique.


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