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If you are thinking you missed your window to go skiing or snowboarding this year, it simply isn’t true! Spring skiing can be some of the most fun skiing because you often don’t have to deal with the bitter cold but can still enjoy a great day on the slopes. Not to mention, lodging is generally cheaper in the spring because resorts and rental companies are eager to get customers through the end of the ski season. In this post we will talk about 3 reasons why spring skiing is the best and how you can save big on lodging too.



Hero Snow

Don’t know about hero snow? Ski Utah fills us in. Hero snow is the term skiers and snowboarders use for when the snow is a little slushy and allows for easy turning for anyone—even new skiers and snowboarders. So you can feel like a hero out there, even if you barely know what you’re doing. These snow conditions make spring a great time to bring children or new skiers so they can feel successful while they learn. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a hero?


Beautiful Weather

Ever wanted to see a grown man (or woman for that matter) ski down the mountain in just their underwear? Well, on second thought, perhaps this is a deterrent. But the fact of the matter still stands—spring skiing has amazing weather. 55 degrees and up on top of the mountain makes for a beautiful day. Make sure to wear that sunscreen or you will have two different shades of color on your face. There is still plenty of snow (even fresh snow!) to enjoy but the air around you feels warm, you can shed some of those layers, and the sun brings out a few of those eccentric people too.


Sweet Deals

The typical ski crowd can taper off in the spring (maybe they didn’t know about the hero snow?) and resorts and other lodging businesses want to book up their rooms, condos, and homes all year long. Many times you can find great deals on lodging in the spring. Mainly because all of these lodging companies start to slow down right after spring break.

Truth be told, the best skiing and snowboarding is usually found in the weeks after spring break! Hopefully you can make some time in your schedule to hit the slopes one last time this spring and take advantage of the hero snow, beautiful weather, and sweet deals on lodging.

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