How To Avoid The 3 Biggest Ski Vacation Mistakes

Keep these things in mind before you plan your big ski vacation trip this year!

A ski vacation can be an epic adventure if done right. However, when you take on planning a ski vacation or getaway, there are a number of mistakes that people make which can potentially ruin your experience. But how can you mess up a simple ski trip? You might ask yourself this very question and the truth it can sometimes come down to the simplest of things! If you’ve picked a destination that you’ve never visited before, you won’t be as familiar with the area and might not be aware of any rules or uphill policies ski resorts might have. Or you could book a trip to a place like Silverton only to realize you’re not exactly a pro when it comes to hitting wild, “untraditional” resorts in the first place.

No matter where you’re off to for vacation this ski season, planning ahead can save you from some of the most headache-inducing situations that can put a damper on your entire ski holiday. You want to make sure everything’s in order before hitting the “buy now” button, right?  Here are the three most common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them to make your skiing vacation one for the books.


Mistake #1: Booking a place not suited to your skill level


research the ski levels at your destination to avoid this ski holiday mistakeIf you’re a beginner, you don’t want your first trip to be on really long, steep slopes. These are meant for more seasoned skiers who’ve had plenty of years of practice. If you’re looking for difficult trails this year, find a place that is more rookie friendly. In the end, you’ll be more comfortable and relaxed during your ski vacation.

Similarly, if you’re a veteran skier, booking a place that caters more for newcomers can mean a boring holiday. Some places have options for all skill levels; a major benefit if multiple people are making the same trip with you. Keep your skill level in mind when planning your ski vacation or getaway to make the most out of it!


Mistake #2: Losing track of your budget when planning


watch your budget to avoid making a big ski holiday mistakeIt is important to remember what is included in your booking. For example, a booking for accommodations off-mountain is typically much more affordable. However, you must consider the transport fare of traveling to the ski fields each day, especially at larger resorts. Similarly, if you’re flying to the destination, booking a ski condo may not be suitable as you may not be able to bring food or other necessities with you.

Consider that if you aren’t planning on bringing equipment, you might have to rent skis, boots, gloves and more! Not to mention you might want to dome some of the shopping at your resort location too. Meals, ski lessons, lift tickets etc. are sometimes included in your booking, but did you make sure to check if it is? If they aren’t, you may fall short on cash if you haven’t prepared for buying these when you get there.

Your ideal budget might start to be a little harder to hit because you could surpass it without any planning. Some places do offer refunds, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t want to have to deal with that possibility. For some people, the easiest way to break down spending is to create an Excel sheet. Or utilize another tool that can give you a “bird’s eye view” of what all your expenses would be. Once you have a better understanding of what the cost will be, you’ll feel less stress after you everything for your trip!


Mistake #3: Being unfit before hitting the slopes


try staying in shape to avoid this ski holiday mistakeWhen you snowplow – the basic beginner maneuver – 5 hours a day for an entire week, it can get pretty demanding. You need to get in shape sometime before hitting the pistes if you want to ensure you have the physical and mental energy to have fun on your ski holiday.

While it’s important to consider your physicality, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go to the gym for 2 hours every day. Simple lifestyle changes you make can strengthen your leg muscles and get you ready for the slopes. This could include taking the stairs instead of the escalator, cycling to work or taking a power walk instead of driving, and being more active in general. If you are a bit more serious about skiing, you can follow dedicated fitness plans that are easy to search for. At first, this may not seem like this could seriously affect your ski vacation. When you get right down to it, however, it makes sense so you’re not miserable when you should only be having fun.

Sure, there are maybe a hundred different things to consider before going on any trip. But for a ski trip, in particular, these are some pretty good things to keep in mind. By following these tips, you can save yourself from a lot of unnecessary dilemmas. Besides, planning a vacation should be as fun and stress-free as it is when you arrive at your favorite ski resort! If you’re looking for a few trip ideas, you can check out some of the great ski destinations on our website, from coast to coast and plenty of options in Canada too!