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With summer behind us, the next sailing we’ll be doing will likely be a little different. Wind will still be in our face, but the water beneath us will now be fluffy and frozen. Even if the flakes have yet to fall, you can catch that feeling from the movies that glorify the kind of sailing we do at the top of mountains. Sailing is for snow.

Each season the ski film chairlift becomes a bit more crowded. If you want to experience the stoke, you’re sure to find a ski movie screening somewhere near you. From the established to the fresh, you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Ski movie season kicks off now and runs until its over – some through this year and others into 2018. With movies crisscrossing the map of North America, Europe, and even Africa, you can catch thrills on film wherever your winter takes you. Follow the links for dates.

Photo @ Matchstick Productions

Matchstick Productions:  Drop Everything

If skiing is fun, then shouldn’t you be laughing during a ski movie? Slapping down tongue-in-cheek, fresh-mouthed vitality, Drop Everything kills it with dry wit. This year Matchstick focuses on athletes and action, and promises this film will deliver “2190% MORE” – more…what? More EVERYTHING: “soul, tough, stoked stoke” – what more do you want? They named it right: Drop Everything to see this movie!

Teton Gravity Research (TGR): Rogue Elements

Spotlighting the spirit of adventure, TGR takes us on a celebratory discovery of the rogue of the planet. From nature’s splendor and fury to the wild characters who ride through it for fun, this film blows freedom in your face.  The trailer kicks it off with the perfect song to set the tone: Free Animal by Foreign Air. It might even stick in your head when you take your first run this fall. Keep this flick in mind when you get out and go rogue.

Level 1 Productions: Habit – A Field Guide to Skiing

Level 1 is having loads of fun, and they want you to have fun with them. Proving that skiing happens anywhere, this film spends about as much time on urban terrain as in the mountains, without compromising the challenges and finesse. Filled with spinning, flipping turns that tribute the grace of flying on skis, Habit celebrates the beauty of the form. It even breaks the frozen water rule and sends one skier across a rushing stream, with a grounded twist on tips at the midpoint. Don’t miss this movie – it may be your only chance to see a freestyle jump executed over a basketball hoop.

FACTION:  This Is Home

True to their independent roots, the Faction Collective makes their feature debut with the indie film This Is Home. Hopping between Europe and the US, Faction athletes rip on home turf. From Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and northern Montana’s Flathead Valley, to Verbier and Zermatt, plus points in Finland, France and the Czech Republic, this movie focuses on the meaning of freesking in 2017. Faction’s team groove on secret spots, haunt old stomping grounds, and pump the most out of the conditions they’re given. This crew doesn’t just go home, they bring it home.

Warren Miller Film: Line of Descent

If you’ve missed your first sixty-seven opportunities to catch a Warren Miller film on the big screen, relax. You’re about to have another chance. Line of Descent promises not to disappoint as it pops around the globe, investigating what makes ski culture stay great. From Squaw Valley to Norway, Monashee Mountains to New Zealand, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, as well as a few other global stops, you’re going to get the best cinematography of great athletes doing outstanding skiing. Screening across the US well into winter, catch it as a season send-off, or mid-winter pick-up.

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