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Ski Equipment Rentals, The Only Way To Go

We love to travel! From the planning stages of a getaway all the way through the last night when the dread of returning to reality starts to set in, every aspect of a trip is perfection, right? Well, let’s be honest here, it isn’t all a joy.

It is pure excitement to plan a ski trip. Browsing all of the amazing destinations that offer fresh powder and perfect terrain. When you finally decide upon which mountain your family will spend a fabulous week shooshing down the slopes you just need to pack and go! Ugh, packing! Your family of five will have five pairs of ski boots, five sets of skis, five sets of poles, and five helmets, not to mention, jackets, pants, clothes, shoes…you get the point. Aside from the sheer volume of equipment you will have to lug to the car, or worse, through the airport, there is a good chance the kiddos will have grown out of their equipment since your last trip and, when was the last time those skis had a good wax and tune-up? Plus we all make mistakes and sometimes forget that one pair of gloves. We are only human, right?

Worry not! We have the solution. There are a number of companies in every ski resort that will affordably outfit your entire family. Some rental companies, like Christy Sports, even provide free rentals for children under twelve with an adult four-day rental. Others, Black Tie, for one, offers custom fitting and delivery right in your accommodations so that you can skip the shop lines and not waste a minute getting to the slopes. Most of the time these companies offer a pick up as well as dropping them off. So you don’t have to worry about getting those rentals returned.

Most resorts offer lessons too. If you think you can handle the mountain terrain and then you get there and realize you have no clue what you are doing. Don’t be embarrassed to get a lesson from a professional ski instructor. That is why they offer them so you don’t hurt yourself or hurt others and you learn to enjoy the sport quicker!

Next winter getaway you have, try renting ski equipment, rather than deal with the hassle of schlepping. These companies are there to help you in making life easier and to have a more enjoyable vacation. This holiday is about making memories not remembering every last pair of gloves for a family of five. Ski rentals are the only way to go when you are traveling.


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