Ski Cooper Exclusive

It never hurts to save a little more before you ride this spot in the Rockies

Authentic skiing is what makes the Cooper-Leadville (Ski Cooper) area one of a kind. Their passion for making a fun, affordable environment for the whole family shines through every aspect at this resort. And it’s the perfect alternative to some of the larger resorts in Colorado! Located a little more than a half hour drive from I-70 (and only 11 minutes from Leadville), Ski Cooper is a special mountain to visit.

It features 41 trails, 4 lifts and spans 400-lift serviced acres. Getting there is a piece of cake and there are quite a few sights to see along the way! If you ask us, it’s a great way to kick off your ski vacation and take in all of the serene views. Once you get the resort you’ll discover great runs across 2,600 acres of skiable terrain. Their bowls and glades are also in abundance so you can fill your snow-lover’s heart right to the brim.

ski cooper is a great experience for all so snag this exclusive dealEveryone can truly feel the essence and spirit of skiing at Cooper, as well as take in the glory of the inspiring views around it. Being right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains has its advantages and lends to the overall aesthetic. One of their other appealing draws is the way they welcome and treat their guests. You’re not just another face in the crowd, “you’re a member of the Cooper family.” So you know you’re in great hands and your visit will be an incredible one! Known for having some of the softest snow around, Ski Cooper is a relaxed, down-to-earth resort that skiers of all levels will want to revisit. And if you’re thinking of going this year, you’ll be happy to know this already wallet-friendly spot has ways for you to save more when you hitch a ride on their lifts.

Ski Coupons is proud to feature an exclusive lift ticket discount for those looking to get more skiing for less money. This special deal, saves you $15 on one-day adult lift ticket. With the money saved, you can head out on a snowcat adventure, put it towards gear or maybe grab yourself a well-deserved treat. We think you definitely deserve to get the best bang for your buck anyway!

everyone can benefit from saving a little on lift tickets with this ski cooper exclusiveBy heading over to the Ski Cooper lift tickets page, you’ll have a chance to take us up on the opportunity. You can easily check out what else this resort has to offer. From lodging to equipment rentals and last minute deals, you’re going to feel giddy seeing all the options available to you. But you’d better hurry for this specific lift ticket deal!

This awesome bargain is only valid between December 10th through December 14th. Did we also mention how affordable Ski Cooper already is? It’s time for you to score a great deal without having to scour the internet looking for one! You’re not going to want to miss out on saving even more, so what are you waiting for? Experience Ski Cooper this season and let your inner snow fanatic come out to play.