How to Save Money on Ski Vacations: 3 Tips for Cheaper Accommodations

If you’re planning on taking a ski vacation, you might be concerned about the cost of accommodations. If you’ve found our website, you probably want to stretch your budget for hitting the slopes. Follow these tips on how to how to save money on ski vacations by cutting your lodging costs so that you’ll have cash to spend on other things.

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1. Avoid Peak Season
First of all, when planning the right time of year for ski vacations, make sure that you avoid peak season, which runs from December through February. Instead, consider visiting during the late fall or early spring, which are both still great times for hitting the slopes in many areas — and which can actually provide you with more tolerable temperatures — but can be less busy, and less expensive.

2. Plan a Mid-Week Vacation
Sure, a long weekend spent at a ski resort might seem perfect. However, it’s  generally less hassle to visit during the week. If you visit from Sunday through Thursday, you can avoid the higher costs of staying at popular resorts on the weekends, and the traffic. Just make sure that there aren’t any major festivals or events going on during the week that you are planning a visit, since this can cause lodging and other costs to go up, too. The added bonus for mid-week ski vacations is that the crowds will be lighter too!

3. Choose a Package Deal
Consider shopping around for a package deal for a trip that includes your hotel, airfare and other expenses. This can reduce the coordination by making it all-inclusive, and you’ll often pay less than if you paid for each thing separately. Many vacation packagers offer discounts right here on our site. So don’t forget to check all the direct links and promo codes here first for the resort you want to go visit.

How do you save money on your winter lodging? Share them here!