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Nothing’s worse than hearing your best friends are going skiing, but you can’t ski. Or, maybe going skiing with your kids and finding out, once you arrive at the resort, they’re really not that into skiing, could be worse. But these types of scenarios don’t really happen anymore, thanks to resort areas that have finally brought activities for every age and every ski level, even non skier activities, into the mix.

For example, a mountain coaster, sometimes called an Alpine coaster, is about as much fun as you could squeeze out of any entertainment activity. This thing is much like an amusement ride. It is driven by gravity and includes bobsled-type cars. The tracks are carefully placed along the mountain. The sled travels on up-stop wheels, just like a roller-coaster and uses a rider-controlled brake system. Add the traditional large spirals, hairpin curves, and the dips, and you are going to have quite a ride. Here are some of the ski areas that have a mountain coaster attraction:

Colorado –

  • Steamboat
  • Aspen Snowmass
  • Purgatory Resort
  • Copper Mountain
  • Vail
  • Breckenridge

Utah –

  • Park City
  • Snowbird

California –

  • Lake Tahoe
  • Big Bear Mountain Resort

Wyoming –

  • Snow King Mountain
  • Jackson Hole

Another great way to spend time in ski country without being a skier or snowboarder is tubing. Snow tubing takes playing on inner tubes to another level. Getting in that tube and traveling at high speed to the bottom will take your breath away. Ski masks are highly recommended when trying out this exciting endeavor to keep your face warm!



According to vacation reviewers, the best tubing resorts include:

Camelback Mountain Resort, Tannersville, Pennsylvania. There you can even experience Galactic Snow Tubing, a nighttime skiing adventure with 42 lanes and LED lighting.

Keystone Resort, Keystone, Colorado where day and night tubing is offered, along with a unique area for kids who are under 42 inches, which is free of charge.

Grafton Pond, Vermont, has an Outdoor Center where family members can fat bike, ski, or snow tube also. Besides these perks, Grafton Pond is gloriously pretty and not crowded.


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