Don’t Ski? Don’t Worry. Enjoy Your Vacation With These Winter Activities for Non-Skiers

Mountain resorts are popular among travelers for vacations. With breathtaking views, crisp cool air, and exciting activities, it’s no secret why. Most people who go on vacation to large mountain resort towns spend a lot of their time skiing. While it’s a thrilling activity, and one that is enjoyed by many, not everyone loves it. If you’re not a fan of skiing what can you do during a “ski trip” to a mountain resort?


Thankfully, most resorts cater to skiers and non-skiers alike. A top-notch resort wants all of its guests to enjoy themselves, no matter what activities they wish to refrain from. So, if skiing isn’t something you enjoy, consider one of these fantastic winter activities for non-skiers instead.

Snowmobiling is just as thrilling as skiing with a little more stability. If you don’t like the idea of strapping your feet to two long wooden sticks, then perhaps riding a snowmobile is more your speed. Feel safe and secure as you ride through the snow at speeds that give you the thrill of skiing without the fear of falling down. It’s a great way to take in all the beautiful scenery too.

Ice Skating
If you don’t ski, you can still feel like you’re a postcard come to life by ice skating instead. Most resorts offer at least one rink, and some even provide outdoor rinks, so you can skate in the snow while you admire all the beauty of the resort. Ice skating has a holiday feel to it that skiing doesn’t provide, so enjoy the holiday spirit as you glide gracefully across the ice.

If the cold bothers you, and you’d rather enjoy the snow by simply looking out of the window at it while you’re surrounded by warmth, then consider a day of shopping and dining. Grab some of your non-skiing friends and family and enjoy a day of gift buying, clothes shopping, and souvenir hunting. There are normally many fantastic dining options at a mountain resort, so top off the day with a delicious dinner and coffee by the fireplace as you watch the snow fall outside.

You don’t have to ski to have a fantastic time at a mountain resort. Enjoy your vacation with any, or all, of these fantastic skiing alternatives. Don’t forget to grab some ski resort discounts and deals to lower your cost of visiting this winter.