Mt. Baldy

SoCals Best Mountain

Mount Baldy Ski Resort, known affectionately as “Baldy” by most, is a little bit of heaven on Earth. Located on Mount San Antonio, it is in San Bernardino County, Southern, California, only 45 miles from Los Angeles. The resort was created in 1952 and opened in 1953 and includes 23 traditional runs, chutes, tree runs, open bowls, and claims the title of the largest and steepest skiing resort SoCal. The mountain is known for its vintage ski lifts. It’s like stepping back in time to see what skiing really used to be like in the 60’s.

Photo Courtesy of Mt. Baldy:

With 400 skiable acres, the terrain hits every level of skier at 15% beginner, 31% intermediate, 54% advanced. Because the runs are designed in different directions, the positive weather conditions at each hour of the day, the type of snow, and snow condition is a bit different on each site. Being in the southern mountains of California the snow is more like spring skiing. Right now the resort has been making snow for tubing and beginners who want to try out the sport. Now that the Olympics has everyone excited to try out something new Mt. Baldy has lift tickets going for as low as 30$ and if you buy online in advance you can get even lower prices. If you are looking to get out of the city and do something with the whole family just head on up to Mt. Baldy for a cool day of fun.

Mt Baldy is always offering special deals, activities, and alternate snow-filled fun. For example:

  • In the spring, season pass sales go on sale offering a good saving.
  • Currently, the resort is hosting what they are calling the Ultimate Baldy Set Up. This is a contest that is giving the winner up-to-date gear, an annual Mt. Baldy pass, and more.
  • As you can well imagine, Baldy has plenty of instructors around to help visitors with their skiing and snowboarding.
  • Baldy has SMI Super Polecat Snow Guns at the ready to improve run conditions.
  • The tubing park is a good time for the youngins and you can get packages with a scenic lift ride included.
  • Mt. Baldy also has a great deal for beginner skiers which includes equipment rental to get you on the slopes.
  • Mountain Biking and Ziplining are great activities to partake in on the mountain.

We, at SkiCoupons, think it is plain to see that Mt. Baldy Resort has plenty to offer winter game- and activity-lovers the thrill they love. On our site, you will find discounts on equipment, lift tickets, and activities. Hope to see you there.