Find Love on the Chair Lifts at Loveland Ski Area

Today, couples everywhere will celebrate their love with flowers, chocolates, and romantic meals. If you’re in love, Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year. You can be sappy and cheesy while expressing your love, and no one will judge you. However, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a drag.


You might find yourself curled up on the couch, eating some ice cream straight from the container, and watching a romantic movie as you wonder when your true love will finally find you. While that’s a fine way to spend Valentine’s Day, an alternative is to set in motion a plan to find love on the lifts at Loveland Ski Area. While the event isn’t on Valentine’s Day, you can still use that day of love to make plans to find your soulmate.

A unique twist on speed dating
Maybe you’ve tried speed dating before, maybe you haven’t, but you probably haven’t ever tried it like this. Loveland hosts a unique event that gives you a creative opportunity to find the love of your life. Don’t settle for a boring indoor event that requires you sit at a table and chat with someone before a little bell rings and you move on to the next potential suitor. Instead, embark an adventure to find love. That sounds more romantic anyway. Hop on a ski lift and find, sitting beside you, someone who’s been matched up with you based on outdoor activity, ability level, and age. If you’re new to skiing, you’ll be paired with someone who won’t ski circles around you, or leave you behind. If you love to ski and want someone who can keep up with your impressive skills, you’ll be paired off with an advanced skier who might be able to show you a few new moves.

Is it love?
During your ride up the mountain, you and your lift partner get a chance to know each other. You’ll find that it’s much easier to talk to someone when you’re surrounded by the beauty of snow-covered mountains instead of stuck in a boring room. If you both feel a connection, take the run down together and continue the conversation. If you don’t feel that you’ve found your soulmate, no worries. Simply try again with a new chair partner. Enjoy the fresh air, the breathtaking views, and the chance at true love during this unique experience that’s held in December.

You might think that December is a long way away, but just think about it like this; if you find your soulmate during the event, you’ll be one of those sappy, cheesy couples next year, and you’ll thank yourself for spending this Valentine’s Day planning for the day that changed your life.