Late Ski Season

Equals the Best Skiing

When the ski season begins to wind down that doesn’t mean that there is no snow.  Actually, this can be some of the best skiing you can find! Yes, it might be later in the year but in spots get dumped on by snow like Colorado, California, Utah, Vermont, Idaho and of course Canada. The snow doesn’t stop in February, March, April, and sometimes even in May. Some resorts don’t officially close until June! The snow is especially nice in late season skiing because it has been packed down and with a nice fresh layer, you will be feeling like you can do anything on skis or board.



This isn’t the only good news but the deals for lodging and rentals usually get better and better at this time. You can find lodging at very affordable rates in some of the best mountains. Usually, resorts make their day pass prices lower to get people to come during these months. Sometimes resorts offer a late-season pass.  Make sure to use our site for those last minute deals on lift ticket and lodging across the country.

The eager skiers are also burnt out from skiing so much in the early season. The resorts aren’t going to crowded and with fewer people that means more powder. This way you can get those turns in without having to watch out for everyone and their brother. You can really feel like you are flying when you don’t have to worry about running into someone.

Later in the year also means spring is right around the corner. The Blue Bird days are endless in the later season and you can’t complain about the warm weather in the snow. Make sure you are wearing more sunscreen later in the year and also have the right kind of goggles. Yes, having the right kind of goggles is important! Snow blindness is a real thing and it can really be painful. Also, don’t forget the SPF lip balm!!

Most resorts take advantage of the nicer weather. Outdoor events happen the most in the late season. A concert or a specific event that your local resort puts on is always a great time. Don’t forget pond skimming! This happens when part of the runs are melting and there is a huge puddle at the base are. People compete to see how far they can skim across the small pond. Brings in a big crowd and it is very entertaining to watch.

So don’t fret about being too late. The best moments on the slopes are yet to come!