Tips for Buying Kids Cross-Country Skis on a Budget

Do you need to ensure you get the best cross-country skis for your kids for the least amount of money? When it comes to buying cross-country skis for kids, there are several things to take into consideration.

Mainly, children have quickly-growing feet. Most likely, if you buy too far in advance of the ski trip, you might end up needing to buy larger skis at the resort. For these reasons, it is often easier to rent skis than it is to buy them. However, if your child performs in athletics or is going on a long-term adventure, they will need their own cross-country skis.

Minimum Price for a Pair of Kids Cross-Country Skis

In addition to all of their snow gear, kids will need food, straps, and skis. This means a minimum of $200 per child on sale. For this reason, most parents avoid the hassle and simply rent the equipment that is needed. This way, is not necessary to measure and worry about the kid growing between the times the equipment arrives and the vacation begins.

Why Renting Cross-Country Skis for Kids Works

When you have a clumsy child or you only have a need for skis temporarily, renting is the best option. Most ski areas will have ski equipment rentals available and would prefer you order in advance. This way, you’re not stuck with a kid who has a broken pair of brand new skis. You simply go back to the rental agency and get a new pair and continue with your vacation. You can also have an additional pair on backup in case your kid is accident prone.

Athletic Kids and Cross-Country Skis

If your child is involved in an athletic team that involves cross-country skis and a coach or trainer, then there is no need for you to continue reading this article. Their instructor will let you know exactly what they need in order to perform their best. You simply need to follow the instructor’s list of equipment and order it online in the sizes requested.

Adventure Weekend for Kids and Cross-Country Skis

When kids go on a big snow adventure weekend, cross-country skis need to be included. This is a good opportunity to use online services to locate used skis. Since kids quickly outgrow their equipment, lots of options for exchange and recycling of cross-country ski equipment is available online. Buying it used means parents can get expensive equipment for kids at a fraction of the cost, and ski equipment does not tend to get a lot of wear and tear.

However, you will always need to expect that something will go wrong or something doesn’t work the way it needs to. For this reason, you might need to buy two sets. This way, you will always have a backup in case it arrives and doesn’t fit the way that it should. Considering how much money you save, buying the second set used is really not that much more expensive.