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Many skiers moving through transitions in phases of life experience an inevitable dilemma; family ski vacation – to bring the kids skiing or to leave them at home and shred the slopes child-free? Skiers who grew up learning how to carve the mountain understand the value of learning at a young age, but these long-time enthusiasts also know the challenges that come with bringing the little ones along for a powder day. Embarking on a whole-family ski day or multi-day trip may have its obstacles, but done correctly, it’ll provide immeasurable lifelong memories and skills.

That said, here are three critical things to keep in mind when planning a ski outing with your kids.

Dress Your Children Correctly

The first step to a successful family ski day happens before the kids even clip their boots into ski bindings. Yes, skiing is cold and yes, kids will complain about it. The proper combination of jacket, pants, mittens, socks, and headgear can make or break a family ski trip. Beware of over-dressing, as a too-warm ski outfit is just as uncomfortable as a too-cold one. Different layers help create a versatile ski outfit, providing a way to change things up if kids get too hot or cold.

Rent, Don’t Buy

As any parent knows, children seem to never stop growing. Although good deals to buy ski gear do exist, rentals or season-long leases make it easier to transition children to better fitting gear season after season. Most ski and snowboard rentals out there consist of newer, regularly maintained equipment that will help children get used to the slopes, without paying for pricey tune-ups on purchased gear.

Ski School Is Your Friend

Although spending quality time with the kids is important, self-teaching a child to ski more often than not leads to extremely frustrated parents. A trained professional, with patience and expertise, can take those little ones and get them shredding in no time. Once they have a basic foundation of skills, parents can step in the next ski day or even after lunch and share the joys of mastering their newfound abilities.

Remember, the main point of skiing is to have a good time. Families who put fun and safety first are sure to share countless seasons between generations learning and sharing how to carve up the slopes. Want to plan your next family ski vacation? Start with our coupons to save money too!

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