Staying Eco-Friendly At Ski Resorts

Keeping your favorite ski resorts beautiful is easy to do if you take 5 minutes to help!

If you want to get right down to it, skiing and snowboarding aren’t necessarily the most environmentally friendly sports. Considering the type of real estate ski resorts take up, and the changes a mountain constantly endures, it’s easy to leave a large carbon footprint. Does that mean everyone’s going to give it up and put away their skis? Probably not. But it does mean many resorts are taking action to reduce waste as best as they can.

As a visitor to any resort, there are ways you can participate too to help protect the mountain. The next generation of ski enthusiasts is counting on people making good decisions today. Because they will be the most affected by what changes occur now, especially during this crucial time.¬† This means there’s an additional incentive to doing your part to “think green.” There’s no need to research for hours or throw yourself into every eco-friendly forum out there. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, and heightened awareness. So when you’re carving the slopes this season, remember a few of these tips and start achieving your goal of being kinder to the environment.

Visit Eco-Friendly Resorts

being eco friendly takes time but is so helpful for resortsAs we mentioned before, there are quite a few resorts that have shifted towards a more eco-friendly “culture” across the mountain. While it does take time to implement some of these initiatives, they’ve become great leaders within the industry. Resorts that are already making an effort to stay eco-friendly make it a whole lot easier for you to follow suit.

Ski resorts that are developing different tactics to stay as green as possible have launched several unique ways to go about doing so. Some are beginning to cut their emissions. Others are taking advantage of renewable energy sources such as solar power for lift infrastructures. The education you can pick up from these ski destinations can help you develop and practice your eco-conscious mind. When you visit other places that still haven’t made the switch you’ll be more prepared and aware.


While not always a possible thing to do, you can help reduce traffic, and parking conundrums¬†if you hitch a ride with friends and family. Or try taking the bus or train to your ski destination instead. These options not only cut pollution but also reduce your footprint that effects the mountain. Think of how you won’t have to be the one driving or dealing with clogged roads!

Recycle Responsibly

From placing paper and plastic in the right bins to your own equipment, recycling has a major impact on the health of a ski resort. Even resorts that are not necessarily focused on going completely green will have separate bins for trash and recycling. If you use any plastic cups or straws, place the correct items where they need to go. Better yet, bring a water bottle with you on your trip so you don’t have to use any plastic at all!

Gear and equipment companies are also following the pattern of creating eco-friendly items. There are lots of brands to choose from that are keeping this effort at the forefront. And when they’re used up and it’s time to replace them, recycling/upcycling them will be so much easier.

Ski & Eat Local

becoming eco friendly will help keep skiing a sport for years to comeNot everyone is going to live close to their favorite resort. That’s why many people have to find a mode of transportation to get to where their going. But what you can do is make the most of the resorts near you and even visit smaller resorts that might not be as crowded.

By eating locally at the resort you’re also keeping dollars within the community (and on the mountain) and boosting the economy. A better mountain economy is always going to equate to a better experience overall and eco-friendly efforts also become simpler to achieve.

While it does take some dedication and thought into staying green, it’s certainly possible to do so when you ski and ride. Taking the time to change just a few things in your normal routine benefits your favorite ski spots in several ways. If you’re still curious about how to help resorts you can always call or ask the staff while you’re there to help you out. Everyone wins and you’ll learn how to stay green!

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