Copper Mtn. and US Ski Team Partner Up

The U.S. Ski Team is partnering with Copper Mountain in order to develop a new Speed Center on the east side of the mountain which will provide for steeper and longer speed training on more than 2,200 feet of vertical. The team, which trains in Chile and New Zealand during the summer are ecstatic to call Copper their pre-competition home.
Luke Bodensteiner, EVP of Athletics for the U.S. Ski Team stated, ““When we talk about top-to-bottom training on a real race surface with the terrain on that run, it will be absolutely perfect training for speed and a great early season simulation to get rolling into the World Cup season.” It’s an ideal location because of its terrain, climate and excellent snowmaking abilities. The additional space also allows for more Olympic athletes the chance to train, which will no doubt improve America’s chances for victory in the upcoming winter Olympics.

Copper Mountain and the U.S. Ski Team are equally delighted to be working with each other in order to form a strong, long-term relationship that will work symbiotically to improve Copper’s reputation as the place to be for early season race training as well as boost the U.S. Ski Team’s members opportunities to train and ready themselves for the myriad of competitions they face each winter. Obviously, it means that impeccable grooming, snow pack and skiing conditions will be at their peak this fall at Copper.

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