5 Top College Choices for Students Who Love to Ski and Ride

When it comes to choosing a college there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You might want to stay near family, or you might want to strike out on your own and gain some independence. You might want a college with specific programs or well-known professors. You might want a competitive atmosphere, or perhaps you prefer a more laid-back style of learning.

One thing is certain; if you’re a huge fan of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding you should factor that into your decision. Below are five schools that don’t cause you to forsake one of your favorite past times.  After all, when you can have the best of both worlds, a great school and the ability to go skiing often, why wouldn’t you? Below are five of the top colleges for students who love to ski and ride.


Dartmouth College

A well-known Ivy League school that has produced successful politicians, scientists, writers, and even astronauts, this school also has a large appeal to students who love skiing and don’t want to give it up during their college years. In fact, Dartmouth’s school-owned Skiway consists of more than 100 skiable acres, providing you with two amazing mountains to experience during your college years. If your family is visiting, the Skiway is perfect, with family-friendly ski packages and accommodations. If a family trip isn’t what you desire, don’t worry, you and a group of friends can simply take the campus shuttle bus to the Skiway. Dartmouth is close to many New England resorts, giving you plenty of adventures to choose from. Along with the scientist and writers that Dartmouth boasts of, they’ve also had more than 100 students go on to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.

Sierra Nevada College

This school is located on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, so not only will you be near many ski areas, you’ll have gorgeous views all year long. Sierra College gives students the chance to get involved in their acclaimed 4-year Ski Business and Resort Management program. This gives students the opportunity to intern at local ski resorts. How much better can it get for ski lovers? The school is only a few miles from Squaw Valley resort. If that’s not a ski lovers dream, what is?

University of Colorado – Boulder

Many people think of Colorado when they hear “skiing,” with good reason. This ski-loving state isn’t just great for ski adventures, but it also boasts of some amazing schools. It’s the best of both worlds, great schools, and fantastic skiing. It doesn’t get much better for students trying to decide where to spend their college years. Boulder offers both men and women’s alpine & nordic teams as well as club teams. Eldora mountain is located within 20 miles of the school, so fantastic skiing is only minutes away at all times, especially with Boulder’s low-cost ski bus which offers students rides between the months of November and April.

University of Utah

Everyone who thinks of fresh powder thinks of Utah. Salt Lake City is located within 100 miles of ten different resorts. One of the greatest things about the university for ski lovers is that the largest resort, Snowbird, is located only 16 miles from campus. So, schedule some early classes and you’ll have time to hit the slopes and still be back in time for dinner. Utah’s university is perfect for committed athletes as well as casual skiers. Committed athletes will love Utah’s alpine and nordic teams. The school has over 32,000 undergrad/grad students, so you’ll never have trouble finding like-minded skiers to hang out with.

Plymouth State University

If you adore skiing as a sport and not just a hobby, you should strongly consider Plymouth. Their men and women’s ski teams train and compete at Waterville Valley, which is located within 25 minutes of the campus. The White Mountain College Superpass is available, which offers skiing every day of the winter season at Waterville Valley Resort, Bretton Woods, Cannon, and Cranmore. This New Hampshire college is a top contender for those who love to ski.

Choosing a college is often a difficult and long process. You want to make sure you find the perfect fit for yourself since you’ll be spending the majority of your time there over the next few years. Make sure you consider your personality, love of skiing, and academic desires strongly. With choices like these, that give both great education and skiing opportunities, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect.

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