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Loveland Ski Area has something new and a little old to share. Construction is underway for a new high-speed detachable quad from Leitner-Poma. This is exciting news for the Loveland Ski Area. Now all they had to do was name the lift. The Loveland Board of Directors decided to have a contest for naming the new lift and over three thousand entries were entered.

Out of all three thousand entries, one stood out more than the others. Thanks to a former Ski Patroller and Loveland Season Pass holder, Terry Henningson chose the lift to be called Chet’s Dream. She chose this name to honor Chester R. (Chet) Upham, Jr. Henningson had met Chet a few times while working for the Loveland’s Ski Patrol in the late nineties according to Henningson, “he was so passionate and played such a big role in developing Loveland into what it is today, I thought that this would be an appropriate way to honor his legacy.”

Chet Upham had a big picture in mind for Loveland Ski Area. After becoming a partner in the Loveland Ski Tow Company in 1956 he quickly convinced the other partners it was time for an upgrade. Upham was behind installing the first chairlift and only the third such lift in Colorado, lift 1 at the time. After a couple of decades, Chet Upham put his heart and soul into the Loveland Ski Area and eventually bought out the other partners in 1972. From then on the Upham Family has owned and operated Loveland Ski Area.


Photo Courtesy of Loveland Ski Area

Upham had invested both time and money to build an affordable ski experience and was a true host of nature because he wanted everyone to feel as though they were guests. A famous Chet Upham quote was “if we’d get a dime, we’d spend it on improvements up there (Loveland),” according to the Upham Family. The saying still runs true and “Chet’s Dream,” stands strong.

Loveland Ski Are is giving Terry Henningson a chair from the old Lift 1 for suggesting the name. The Upham Family and the Loveland employees are thrilled and full of pride to dedicate Chet’s Dream in memory of Chet Upham.

We here at Ski Coupons love that a little ski history is coming alive again with a simple naming of a lift which means a whole lot to some avid skiers. We agree with Chet and think that everyone should be able to ski or ride. So if you are looking for some discounts to not break the bank head on over to Ski Coupons website and find everything you need for the experience.

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