Bryn Hughes – 2011 Peoples Choice, Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown | Biglines.Com

A stunning slideshow of shots taken by Bryn Hughes. Eye candy for Saturday morning! Check out his full portfolio here.

Bryn Hughes – 2011 Peoples Choice, Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown | Biglines.Com.

2011 Peoples Choice, Olympus Pro Photographer Showdown. from Bryn Hughes on Vimeo.

More about Bryn Hughes:

“‘The best parts of my days are all the stupid funny things that happen with the clowns I go out shooting with.’
Bryn Hughes.

Action Sports are the best way to keep a person young, all the free energy drinks, the road trip camaraderie, lots of fresh air and adrenaline. And if you are the photographer, you run less chance of cracking your skull open on an upside-down spread-eagle cliff drop.
But when the radness of it all begins winding down, a guy can be blamed for wanting to broaden his horizons, especially if he’s got an eye like Bryn Hughes.
Born and raised in the dense rainforests of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Bryn hit the Coast Mountains full time in 1996 and spent the next 14 years of his life documenting some of the planets most talented skiers, snowboarders and balls-out adrenaline fiends.
Of course, living/working/playing (sometimes it’s hard to discern which is which) in the mountains gave Bryn ample opportunity to study natural light and capture stunning, moody landscape shots in between huck-fests. With photos featured in every major outdoor sports magazine from Outside to Sports Illustrated (and a Senior Photographer Title at Freeskier) and with a client list of heavy hitters like Oakley, Kawasaki and Dakine where does the winner of a handful of awards like Powder Photo of the Year 2005 and the International Photography Award for 2007 go next?
With travel photography already secured in his mighty quiver of skills, the next great unknown, for a kid who grew up outdoors, is inside. Aside from a big ticket 2010 Olympic Slideshow in Whistler Bryn is currently broadening his horizons inside the studio, working with extreme lighting set-ups and focusing on more commercial and editorial work.
‘These days I am just as stoked on a candid portrait as I am with an epic action shot,’ Bryn says.”

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