Big Sky Resort 8X

The First 8-Seat Chairlift Is Here!

Nestled close to Yellowstone National Park lays Big Sky Resort: a massive ski area that many who have skied it won’t soon forget. A whopping 5,800 acres, this vast resort offers plenty of room for skiers to enjoy the fresh powder. Already in possession of impressive stats, including their annual snowfall of 400 inches, a 4,350 vertical foot drop and 36 lifts with a capacity to service 38,300 skiers per hour, Big Sky is about to add an exciting new addition to their roster.

America’s first 8-seater chairlift is coming to Big Sky Resort for the 2018-19 winter season, and will be the biggest ski lift in the USA. It’s an extension of their “Big Sky 2025” initiative, a much larger plan that will further elevate their world-class services.

Aptly named the Ramcharger 8, the eight-seater chairlift will be part of the most advanced chairlift network in the country. It will feature improved suspension for a smoother ride up the mountain and child-friendly loading carpet to ensure safety for all. And if that doesn’t already sound amazing, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know the chairlift will include extra-wide heated seats and a weather-proof bubble! That’s right, no more frozen faces and a more comfortable experience are in your cards this winter at Big Sky.

At the lower terminal, a high-resolution LED screen will provide guests with up-to-date information to stay on top of any important mountain news. Extending the longevity of equipment was always an important factor to them as well. Because of this, the chairs will be housed in a facility at the resort. The reasons to visit Big Sky Resort were already in abundance and if you still aren’t sure why it’s time to plan your next trip here, then consider:

  • The benefits of the recently launched Powder Seeker 6-Place Bubble. It’s a 6-seat high-speed lift leading to the bowls, boasting heated seats and bubble covers. Think of how your wait time is cut down even more to ride the slopes!
  • The 2016 installment of the Challenger Chair, which services 1,672 vertical feet, and increased uphill capacity by 25%.
  • Everett’s 8800, an elegant restaurant opened for both lunch and dinner and offering incredible views.
  • And last but not least, the aggressive plan toward the Big Sky 2025 vision, including significant improvements to the Mountain Village. The upper level of the Mountain Mall will become a modern ski lodge food hall with lunch capacity reaching approximately 350 additional seats. Curated coffee, stone-fired artisan pizza, sushi, ramen and crepe stations will up the food game for those pausing for a bite between runs. Wine and beer bars will take in the mountain views as indoor fireplaces warm everyone’s spirits. An event venue large enough for 700 guests will double as a ballroom in off-periods. Lastly, look forward to an expanded, elevated deck looking out on Lone Peak and the Village’s Southwest Plaza – the perfect spot for an après rendezvous.

Big Sky Resort really is that special, and they’re proving it to you winter after winter. Big Sky Resort has been making room to enhance the experience of skiers, and will surely continue to do so. For more information on Big Sky and other Montana resorts, visit our Montana page featuring the best spots for skiing and snowboarding in the state.

Update October 2018: Big Sky Resort Biggest Lift in USA