Why Take A Lesson If I Can Get To The Bottom?

I’m sure many of you can relate; when we first tried skiing, being able to make it to the bottom alive was quite an ego boost. Wow, what a ride! But chest beating and high-fives aside, skiing is not an intuitive skill. Like all sports, correct technique is what maximizes your potential and safety. Here are some good reasons for beginners to take a lesson, even if you did survive coming down the slope.

Local knowledge

Your ski instructor can coach you not only on your technique but is an expert on local conditions and terrain. He/she is also invaluable in suggesting runs that are suitable for your skill level. This is especially important as weather and snowfall change throughout the season.


Beginning skiers are twice as likely to be injured as those more advanced. The most common injury is a sprained knee. But collisions are responsible for a third of all injuries.

You will improve faster

Trial and error are a part of learning. However, expert observation can help you focus on improving your weaknesses. Usually, your time on the slopes is limited. Why waste it trying to figure it all out from scratch?

Familiarize with new equipment

Ski equipment is constantly perfected, so everything from skis to gloves and eye-wear is today more advanced than what was available only a few years ago. Not only can an instructor explain some of these advances, but can also suggest equipment that suits you. The best tip we hear is to rent your ski equipment for the first few years.

Tweak your style

When you learn something on your own, and it seems to have worked for you in the past, it becomes difficult to learn something different. Ski instructors know this and offer adult-focused lessons. They know what needs improvement, and how to teach you subtle variations that can really help improve your skiing.

Set new goals

With constructive advice from an instructor, you can gradually progress from the green to the black rated slopes. This can open up new possibilities for fun and adventure, as well as allowing you to ski along with those that are more experienced.

Best of all, skiing is a fun group activity. Knowing what you’re doing helps keep your friends. Nobody wants to ski with someone who could be dangerous to himself and others. Trust us, when you are done carving through the powder, you will still have lots of laughs around the fireplace. Please don’t hesitate to look through our deals to set up lessons or to plan your next skiing vacation. At many of the ski resorts, we support across the nation.