Awesome Star Wars Themed Terrain Park Opens at Sierra-at-Tahoe

The new park is aimed at 3- to 6-year olds, but I feel pretty confident it’s going to delight both children and adults. The beautifully constructed area is a collaboration between Sierra’s general manager, John Rice; global resort director of Burton Snowboards, Jeff Boliba; chainsaw master Bob King and Lucas Films.

Here is a video of the construction of the park over the summer.

The idea behind the park was to teach kids the basics of park riding using the Jedi technique. “The learning is the way of the Jedi and the idea is they become a young Jedi master at the end,” says John Rice. It’s an innovative park and a novel way of teaching kids the fundamentals of park riding. KOLO TV also did a great short piece recently that showcases the snow-covered, finished project. See the video here.