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After a long day of shredding the powder on the mountain, how do you warm up? Some people love to go into the lodge and sit by the fire with an accompanying drink to warm the cold bones. Some people like to go sit in a hot tub and relax. Others like to explore the mountain towns and experience the nightlife. Whichever you are privy to the main point of Apres Ski is to enjoy the night with others. Here are five tips to keep in mind when you are ready to enjoy your time after the slopes on a ski vacation.

First things first get out of that wet gear. 

You’ve just been on the mountain all day. What can possibly feel better than taking those boots off and putting your equipment away? Well, maybe the drink you’ve been thinking about but still get out of those clothes to truly start your Apres. Find a locker to rent or bring your equipment to your car. The last thing you want to look for is your skis at the end of the night. Plus how much money did you spend on all of your equipment? Put your belongings in a safe place then you won’t be worrying or having the worst ski vacation of your life.

Time to Apres!

Now that your belongings are all tucked away it’s time to really experience the apres scene. This is not a time for fashion either this is a time to truly relax and not care worry about what others think. Everyone just wants to chill out after a long day there is no time for judgments. Go in your long underwear if you’d like whatever you are most comfortable in is what matters. Just be friendly and get ready for a good night.

Welcome Joiners.

Many tables normally fill up right after the lifts stop running. If you get there early welcome other friendly snow lovers to your table. Apres is all about meeting new people and talking about the slopes you just enjoyed to the fullest. Basically just be outgoing and don’t hog the whole table for just your group. If you end up getting back to the lodge and all the tables full just wait and find a spot and it’s always okay to just ask if this seat is taken. Come with a token of gratitude like a beer for the nice person that let you join. Gifts always receive praise and thanks.

Relaxation is a Must.

Now that you’ve had a couple and met some awesome new individuals it’s time to relax! This can mean a lot of different things to people. Maybe you like to be alone and just shower and climb into bed for a great film. Maybe you’d like to continue your night and head to the hot tub with your new friends. Whatever it takes for you to relax this is your time to relish in it. If you do head to the hot tub make sure you at least rinse before climbing with everyone else. Those sore muscles will be thanking you for the hot water and your friends will be thanking you for not being foul.

Safety Comes First.

Make sure that you are not under the influence and driving. There is this great thing called uber and lyft these days and if they don’t run there is always a taxi. Find an accomodation that you can sleep at for the night. It could be a hotel or maybe you came with a friend who has a cabin nearby. Nonetheless make sure you know where you are sleeping. You probably have this figured out by this point just make sure you get to your destination safely so you can go big the next day. Plus it would not be cool to be too hungover to ski. Be smart and pace yourself especially if you aren’t used to high elevation because this will make your hangover that much worse. The elevation does make a huge difference. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and have a blast!

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