All About Snow Tubing

Ever heard of snowtubing? If not, here is an overview to answer all your questions!


What is it?

Snow tubing is a fun winter activity that uses a specially made inner-tube to go down a snow-covered hill at high-speed.

Do you need skills to try it?

The skill for this recreational activity is minimal, which is why many people like to try it in addition to their skiing or snowboarding trips. There is little steering involved and no stopping. According to wiseGEEK website, “It’s like going down a water slide in a tube.”

Many places do have an age and height requirement. Sitting on someone’s lap is usually prohibited. Also, a signed waiver might be requested for signature.

Is it dangerous?

The lack of steering and speed of a tube is a little scary, but a snow tube course is as safe as possible. Slopes and barriers guide the rider, and trees are always cleared from the path. There is a long run at the bottom for stopping. Motorized towlines are used to get people back to the top of the course.

What do I take with me?

Appropriate clothing is a must for snow tubing. Start with a lightweight layer, maybe long underwear. Then wear fleece, and use a waterproof jacket. Also use waterproof shoes.

The tube is usually included in the rental, so you do not need to take your own.

Where should I go snow tubing?

Camelback Mountain Park offers a large, if not the largest place for snow tubing. Located in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, it features 42 lanes.

Our website features many ski areas that offer snow tubing . Ober Gatlinburg, Woodbury Ski Area, and Ski Shawnee are some of those with information you can find on our site, along with many other discounts and deals that can save you some cash on your next winter getaway.