A 360° View of the Grand Targhee Resort

When was your last visit to Grand Targhee Resort, WY — or have you ever been? If it’s been a while, or you’ve never been, then now is the perfect time to re-acquaint yourself — or perhaps get acquainted — with the beauty of the Grand Targhee Resort.


You can ski the rails and ride the legendary jump boxes across the snowy terrain throughout the regular season.  With a late season going through late April, close of season activities rival other North American Resorts.  Closing events provide opportunities for all kinds of shenanigans: trek up, and ski down Mary’s Nipple at the Pattie Layser Mary’s Nipple Challenge to support breast cancer awareness; show-off skills in slopestyle competitions; watch top athletes battle for victory in the American Junior Freeride Championship; test creativity and workmanship n the Cardboard Box Derby; and lastly, if you want to do it B.I.G, and go out with a B.A.N.G, take part in the final race of the season — the annual snowmobile hill climb race — known as the Crazy Horse Hill Climb. And this, my friends, is only a 180° view of what transpires at this jewel of a resort.

Nevertheless, there are no guidelines for how you choose to close the season, but despite how you do it, make sure you do it in style. The Trap Bar Après Ski is where you want to be when it’s time to relax, dance, sing, and mingle while enjoying the sounds of mixed musical artists who fill the air with lively music each year. Listen and rock to the sounds of Hilary Murray; then dance and jump to the beats of The Hooligans…oh yes, the Trap Bar Après Ski is the “after-party” you don’t want to miss!

And while you’re busy basking in the last few days of the winter ski season, and wondering how you’re going to spend your off-season, then look no further than the Grand Targhee’s incomparable lineup. Unparalleled and unmatched by its competitors, the lineup brings fun and exciting activities for families looking to parlay their winter experience into a more pleasurable diversion in the snow-less months.

So looking further into this 360° view, here are some activities the resort offers during the other months:

  • 11th Annual Targhee Fest – This festival started in 2004 as a way to draw on the musical spirit of the majestic Teton Mountains. It’s about the culture and lifestyle of the mountains, sharing great food and drink, listening to great music, and the hospitality at the resort.
  • 10th Annual Targhee Music Camp – If you play an instrument, enjoy playing in a group, like to sing, and want to further your instrumental skills then this camp is for you. Morning and afternoon workshops help build instrumental skills by allowing students to participate in structured and unstructured jam sessions and evening performances.
  • 28th Annual Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival – Calling all Bluegrass aficionados…come out, come out where ever you are! This is the festival of all festivals with stage appearances by artists and performers that actually host the Targhee Music Camp held weeks earlier. For a truly wonderful experience, come see how Grand Targhee mixes the sound of Bluegrass with the ultimate mountain lifestyle.
  • 7th Annual Pierre’s Hole 50/100 Bike Race – Grab your gear and start peddling! This race is a true test of strength and endurance, and requires the rider to climb a total of 9000′ (3 laps x 3000′ ea.) through the Teton Mountains. But don’t worry, we hear the views are breathtaking…and will take your mind off of the climb. And when you’re finished, you can partake in a tasty Mexican dinner.
  • Wydaho Rendezvous Mountain Bike Fest – If this event is not on your calendar, then you should put it there! Four days and three nights of unlimited festivities including goodie bags, free weekend chairlift passes, free raffle ticket, free unlimited 2016 product demos, entry into festival parties for all 3 nights, races and prizes, unlimited hosted group rides, discounts on other race entry fees, and discounts on all attendee-only festival clinics. So again, if this event is not on your calendar, then you should rush to put it there! Enough said.

The list of festivities held throughout the year go far beyond what’s mentioned here. From a 360° view, no matter which event(s) you choose to attend, or when, you cannot go wrong. The Grand Targhee Resort packs it in, and is ready to show you year-round fun that you’ll never forget!