9 of the Snowiest Ski Areas in the United States

Ask any skier or boarder what they want the most each year and they’ll tell you – more snow! Being snow enthusiasts, we thought you’d appreciate the low-down on which ski areas in America consistently get tons of powder.

Snowy Ski Area

This unofficial list is based on rough annual snowfall averages over the last decade so don’t hold us to exact numbers, unless you’re Al Roker. Here’s the list:

#9 Wolf Creek Resort, Colorado | Average snowfall: 430 inches
This trusty and secret gem in Colorado gets lots of natural snow. Among the resorts to “deliver some of the most unspoiled skiing North America has to offer,” according to National Geographic, deep-powder skiing over 1,600 skiable acres abounds.

#8 Stevens Pass, Washington |Average snowfall: 450 inches
Located 75 miles north of Seattle on the crest of the Cascades ridge, Stevens Pass gets plenty and frequent snow dumps onto 1,125 acres of skiable terrain. Stevens boasts among the driest snow in the land. With temps averaging the mid-twenties, you may never feel wet.

#7 Sugar Bowl, California | Average snowfall: 463 inches
When Hans Schroll first saw Mt Lincoln in the 30s, he saw the perfect spot to build his dream Austrian style ski resort. Just along the Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, The Sugar Bowl experience plenty of snowfall spread over four majestic mountains.

#6 Kirkwood, California | Average snowfall: 473 inches
South of Lake Tahoe at Kirkwood Mountain Resort that boasts the “lightest, the driest snow in the Tahoe region”, Whitewater can’t get enough of that fluffy stuff.

#5 Crystal Mountain, Washington | Average snowfall: 486 inches
Washington’s biggest ski area sprawling over approximately 2,600 skiable acres on super high terrain gets more snow than Frosty on Christmas. The behemoth of an area offers a variety of terrain for all levels with views of the Cascades.

#4 Alta, Utah | Average snowfall: 523 inches
Just outside Salt Lake City, Alta is a ski-only mountain known for reliably good snow conditions. So close to the city, Alta is an accessible ski area that is often top -ranked in the U.S. for powder, snow quality and terrain.

#3 Timberline, Oregon| Average snowfall: 550 inches
Built for those that love to play in the snow, Timberline sure gets plenty of it. They’re ski season is loooong, nearly all year, with lifts that stay open seven days a week from the beginning of the season through Labor Day!

#2 Mount Baker, Washington | Average snowfall: 641 inches
In Northern Washington, Mt. Baker holds the world record for most snowfall in one ski season at 1,140 inches in 1998-99. They also boast the highest (unofficial) annual average snowfall of any resort worldwide. Having an appetite for big things, they also host the largest annual snowboard race in the world, the Legendary Banked Slalom.

#1 Alyeska Resort, Alaska| Average snowfall: 650 inches
About 30 miles outside of Anchorage, AK and nestled next to the Chugach Mountains, Alyeska takes pride in its reputation of “steep and deep” terrain and snow pack. With more than 1,600 acres of skiable terrain, and a whopping 54 inches of annual snow dump, Alyeska, Alaska tops our list for the snowiest ski resort in the U.S.A.

Do you agree or disagree? Which ski area tops your list for most snow?