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Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada

The Rocky Mountain Province holds some of the most invigorating, unblemished skiing and snowboarding in the entire world! Though its relatively remote locale keeps Alberta out of the limelight, that doesn't mean you'll have to compromise a thing to enjoy the best. No matter which Alberta's Euro-influenced resorts you choose, from Banff to Lake Louise, you'll be delighted with your Alberta ski vacation.

What Makes Alberta Unique

Imagine it: You get up in the morning, start off the day with a warm, hearty breakfast, and then hit the slopes. The crisp mountain air is exhilarating, the vistas magnificent as you ride up the mountain. You give yourself a few moments to get your ski-legs under you, and then you're sailing down through fresh virgin powder, having the time of your life. Welcome to every day when you ski Alberta, Canada.

Being in a northern climate has given rise to some of our best innovations. Be sure to take a day or more to check out the West Edmonton Mall. Hardly just shopping, this Eighth Wonder is also the world's largest entertainment complex. What other mall offers a wave pool, a shark tank, dolphin shows, and even an indoor beach, alongside an ice rink and a triple-loop roller coaster.

Calgary is about an hour's drive east and is an amazing western party city linked by a super clean light rail system that takes you everywhere. Check out the world-class Olympic Park to experience the best of everything in winter competitive sports. Between the alpine and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, curling, snow machines (snowmobiles), tobogganing, skating, snowshoe expeditions, and the rest, there really is no better place to have your winter vacation. You can come back year after year, and still never tire of it or experience all that Alberta has to offer.

Major Ski Resorts

You won't believe the choices! There's Banff, The Lake Louise Ski Area, Mystic Ridge / Norquay, Sunshine Village, Fortress Mountain, Marmot Basin, Nakiska, and all those heli-skiing operators. Calgary hosted the 1988 Olympic Games, so you'll be playing on mountains of Olympic proportions. When the day is over, take a few minutes to relax, take a shower and put on your dancing shoes, because the time for après-ski has begun. They don't call it Yukon Jack for nothing! Canadians are talented people who really know how to have a good time. They'll share their evening pass-times with you, whether you're a party animal, or prefer a more low-key family style entertainment. Concerts, gourmet restaurants, and more fun are only a few of your extraordinary choices.
Calgary is an amazing western party city linked by a super clean light rail system that takes you everywhere. Check out the world-class Olympic Park to experience the best of everything in winter competitive sports.

Canadian Ski Vacation Discounts

Find Alberta ski deals on everything from lift passes to ski lodging, from ski rentals to snowshoes, and from home and hearth boutiques to heli-ski adventures, from transportation to tram rides, you're certain to find discount coupons that are just right for you! Be sure to have a look at the money-saving vacation packages, too. Just click on the links to your left now to get started! Then get even better bargains by leveraging the currency exchange rates on your purchases, too.

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Photo Courtesy of Banff National Park