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Any experienced Wisconsin skier or snowboarder will tell you there's more to a good ski resort than vertical rise alone. The ski areas of Wisconsin mix natural snow fall and world-class snowmaking, and throw in a deep passion for this winter sport. With this care and devotion, they provide you and your family with a rousing good time, one that both skiers and riders will enjoy.

What Makes Wisconsin Unique

As the locals know, when skiing or riding here you are in for a treat. They build their terrain suited with pitches, slopes, jumps, boxes, rails and the like. A designed ski area can be both the ultimate in fun and challenging at the same time. Even verticals can be made to be very steep, and the natural earth lends itself readily to sculpting. Whether it's a downhill alpine resort, a terrain park, super pipe, or a cross-country trail through a hardwood forest, you will find that the ski places of Wisconsin are worth every chair lift, rope tow, and T-bar ride to the top of the hill.

Major Ski Resorts

Did you know that in less than a one and a half hours drive form O'Hare International Airport you could be skiing or riding your snowboard? It's under 80 miles, for example, to Alpine Valley Ski Resort, and about three hours to Cascade Mountain (one of the top ski resorts in the state), and Devil's Head Resort. An hour outside of Madison is Christmas Mountain Village. There are many great reasons to ski in this state. One of the best may very well be the people themselves. Warm and hospitable, they'll welcome you as a cherished guest, and do everything they can to ensure that you enjoy your stay and come back again. And you will find you do want to return, both for the people and the hills. 

Never been skiing before? Wisconsin's ski areas provide a truly excellent place to learn! The instructors are top-notch and well versed in bringing up beginners. The terrain is designed, so it has just the right amount of slope and challenge for your abilities, allowing you to progress comfortably. Both racers in training and free skiers looking for down hill thrills can benefit from such instruction.  Some of the best skiers and riders in the world got their start on the slopes and hills at a midwestern ski area. When it's all said and done, skiing Wisconsin is just a whole lot of fun!

Ski Vacation Deals

Check the Wisconsin ski deals on travel and lodging, discounts and coupons on ski lift ticket and season passes, restaurants, dining, ski equipment rentals, and package rates on everything else you could need or want while on a ski or snowboarding trip in the Dairy State.

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Photos Courtesy of Christmas Mountain Village