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West Virginia

West Virginia

Those same Blue Ridge Mountains that inspired the all-time-hit song "Country Roads," are the place you belong this winter ski season.

What Makes West Virginia Unique

West Virginia may be the 41st state in size, but she packs a big punch! There are six ski resorts in all, including Timberline, Alpine Lake, Canaan Valley, Elk River, Winterplace, and Snowshoe Mountain. This beautiful state has so much to offer, you may find it hard to take it all in if you only have one week! West Virginia is steeped in rich history. It's the kind of place that you keep on coming back to, to enjoy the gems you've already found one more time, and for the opportunity to find new ones as well. When you return, don't be surprised if you find yourself singing "Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong – West Virginia!" You really do belong in West Virginia this winter ski season!

If skiing down the magnificent splendor of these mountains wasn't already enough, you might enjoy taking a tour. Getting out in a snowmobile or touring on cross-country skis can really add a personal touch to the West Virginia experience. Stop along the way at one of the home-cooked style cafes, or wait till the end of the trail to refresh yourself at a local pub. Après-ski may be a bit less pretentious here, but there's no lack of good food (country or gourmet) and good times to be had at the end of the day. And remember, that day lasts a whole lot longer since the some of the mountain is lit up for night skiing!

Major Ski Resorts

With 57 trails serviced by 14 lifts and 86 acres of night skiing, downhill skiers will think Snowshoe Mountain is almost heaven, and the 450-foot halfpipe and other terrain area features will be sure to cause snowboarders to do some shouting too! That same mountain offers some 40 groomed kilometers of cross country skiing, and snowmobiling as well. Snowshoe Mountain has delighted over five MILLION skiers since it opened in 1973, and now we're going to delight your budget with money-saving coupons, discounts and deals to help you enjoy the Mountain State this year.

Ski Vacation Discounts

For skiers and snowboarders the state of West Virginia offers skiing and snowboarding vacationers a winter wonderland. Save money by using our discount coupons for skiing and snowboarding deals before you hit the slopes. We'll help you put some sweet air under you with discount coupons and ski deals on equipment rentals, lessons and lift tickets, and vacation packages.

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Photos Courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain