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If you've never been to the Smokies before, you’re in for a real treat! Old, old forests cover these folds of stones, and the culture of the people is as rich and diverse as any in the country.

What Makes Tennessee Unique

People are warm and friendly. Think Dolly Parton and you'll get the idea! The Tennessee Smokey’s have long endeared themselves to residents and visitors alike. Smoky Mountain National Park lies within Tennessee, at the western edge of North Carolina, where it meets up with the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachians. Nowhere else east of the Mississippi enjoys such rich natural beauty.

Major Ski Resort

Yes, Tennessee does have a ski area! At the far eastern edge of the state lie the Great Smokey Mountains and just outside of Gatlinburg, you'll find the nation's largest aerial tram carrying you to it—from downtown Gatlinburg! Two tram cars, each capable of carrying 125 passengers each, are your transport to Smoky Mountain downhill fun! These days, places like Ober Gatlinburg have perfected ski-slope design, snow-making, and providing awesome downhill ski experiences.

While other mountains may use snow-making equipment on a small portion of their mountains, Ober Gatlinburg reaches every bit of its slopes and 100 percent of the mountain's trails—all to make certain its guests always have plenty of fresh snow for winter sports. You'll actually be skiing from the top of two different mountain peaks. The trails are lighted for night skiing as well; all but one Black Diamond run are lit up for your downhill pleasure. There's also an amusement facility on the mountain, including a huge indoor ice skating rink. At every turn, the folks at Ober Gatlinburg have gone the extra mile to bring you the best ski vacation and snowboard experience possible.

Vacation Discounts for the Great Smoky Mountains

Check out money saving Ober Gatlinburg ski vacation options and find discounts on all sorts of lodging options, from budget motels to charming bed & breakfasts and luxurious pampering resort hotels! And that's not all. You'll also find deals on ski and snowboard rentals, boot, and pole rentals. In addition, you may see deals on dining and restaurants, on local attractions, vacation packages, and discounts on lift tickets as well. We're bound and determined to make it affordable for you to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in beautiful Tennessee!

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Photo Courtesy of Ober Gatlinburg Ski Area