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Planning a ski trip or skiing vacation this year? You may not have to travel any further than Pennsylvania! Within easy reach of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and New York City, you’ll unveil one of the most surprising delights on the East Coast.

What Makes Pennsylvania Unique

From massive Camelback and its high-speed quad-chair lifts to Elk Mountain’s challenging ski and snowboard runs and terrains, there’s a slope for everyone in this great winter sports state! The Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania is host to 10 ski resorts that offer terrain for all levels of ability. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding, sledding or snow-tubing, and cross-country skiing you will find true adventure in the Northeastern Pocono Mountains.

When the mountain opens, the staff of snow makers and groomers are set on ensuring that you have an awesome ski and snowboarding time! You’ll find lift tickets to be more affordable than you’re used to, which means you’ll be able to go on weekend ski trips more often. Ample chairlifts ensure that you’re not wasting one more minute than necessary waiting in lines. Terrain parks make it a paradise for snowboarders, and there’s always cross-country, snowmobile tours, family fun activities, and the like for the non-downhill ski crowd.

The après-ski is straightforward and unpretentious, the slopes themselves surprisingly challenging and the beauty rivals that of the Rockies. The terrain itself, it’s hills and valleys, the quaint richness of the culture of those settlers who founded the territory, the warmth of quality home-style meals, these all help make up what makes Pennsylvania a fantastic ski vacation choice! Come, see for yourself.

Ski Vacation Deals

So don’t let the distances give you the blues. This winter holds a wealth of snowy promise right next door. Uncover the wealth to be found—Pennsylvania’s winter sports wonderland is waiting for you! Save money every time you go skiing or snowboarding in Pennsylvania with great ski deals, coupons and discounts.

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