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North Carolina

North Carolina

What makes for a great mountain? Terrain never hurts. These days, snowmaking is a pretty exact science, so they're able to shoot millions of tons of it, blanketing the slopes for their guests' pleasure. There's more to it, though—a certain style, a charm and warmth, maybe? Or maybe it's because they enjoy the good times that go with après-ski? Whatever it is, North Carolina's alpine resorts have it in spades. But don't take our word for it. Come see for yourself. We know you'll love it, and be back, bringing friends.

What Makes North Carolina Unique

North Carolina's western mountains are the rare and magnificent convergence of the Great Smoky Mountains flowing into the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, joining those two portions of the Appalachians, rising to its highest peaks in the rocky spires of Mount Mitchell. There we find some of the most beautiful and venerable mountains in the world, graced with streams and waterfalls, forests, layered valleys and peaks. Gently laid upon that rich dense beauty are no less than eight awesome ski areas, as well as one just over the state border in Gatlinburg.

Major Ski Resorts

A brief look at the downhill areas: Appalachian Mountain, Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain, Wolf Ridge, Hawks nest all in one region, and Cataloochee, Sapphire Valley, and Scaly Mountain resorts in another. Ski Beech proudly holds record for the highest mountain in the entire eastern half of North America and has region’s premier half-pipe and terrain park. Appalachian Mountain has been busy during the summer of 2007, bringing out the largest snowmaking expansion in their 45-year history, allowing them to make over one million pounds of snow per hour. They expect this to allow them to open earlier and remain open later. Scaly Mountain is unique, offering snow tubing only, in a fun family atmosphere. Sugar Mountain boasts a 1,200-foot vertical drop, the largest in the state, and is aggressively expanding and upgrading their snowmaking, lift, and grooming equipment. As you can see, things are hopping all over North Carolina's downhill ski and snowboard resort industry. Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get yourself up to North Carolina mountaintops for some skiing, adventure and wintertime fun.

Great Vacation Discounts

Visit a piece of natural history, careen down the wondrous, magnificent slopes of the Appalachians in North Carolina. We're certain you'll be thrilled, and your friends and families will thank you. Treat yourselves to the magic of an alpine vacation in North Carolina. Oh, and don't forget to check out the discounts and coupons for an even sweeter winter vacation.

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Photo Courtesy of Cataloochee Ski Area