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Massachusetts, a state of paramount importance in American history, unrivaled New England beauty, an academic mecca, and home to some of the nation’s most fiercely loyal sports fanatics is also a great ski and ride vacation destination.

What Makes Massachusetts Unique

This great state may be better known for its sandy beaches, but the state has a wealth of ski resorts and a plethora of great winter activities. There are fantastic mountain ranges here; the Appalachians, the Berkshires, and the Taconic Mountains are the most famous mountains in the state, but there are many other smaller ranges that have some pretty great ski resorts, too. 

Major Ski Resorts

Canterbury Farm Cross Country Ski Area is a beautiful spot in the western part of the state, but downhill skiers will not want to miss Wachusett Mountain Ski Area in Central Mass. It features a 1,000-foot vertical drop, night skiing, and is the closest big mountain to Boston. Jiminy Peak is the most famous resort and is set amidst the lush dense forests of the Berkshire Mountains. The resort is extremely well-appointed and has lodging, dining, shopping, and recreation onsite. Berkshire East is another great option, it is extremely family friendly and is applauded for its affordability and wind-power capabilities. And the Bousquet Mountain ski area was voted best downhill skiing in the Berkshires.

There are many other fantastic winter activities to enjoy, including snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. There are romantic sleigh rides, ice skating, snowtubing, and more. The mountain villages are incredibly family friendly, but everyone young and old will find something to do.

Winter Vacation Deals

You'll find many great ski deals, discounts, and coupons to help make a ski and ride vacation in Massachusetts an unforgettable experience. Just pick an area listed for more details about the different resorts and to get fantastic savings and discount coupons on lift tickets, lodging, dining, activities, and more.

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Photo Courtesy of Wachusett Mountain