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Ski Shames Mountain Resort, BC

Shames Mountain Resort is typically open each year until mid-to-late April. It’s a little known ski resort that has small crowds and no lift lines, located just down the road from Prince Rupert. It gets a whopping 40 feet of snow a year and has some of the most amazing terrain in the British Columbian Rockies.

It’s a much smaller resort than areas like Whistler but the terrain is impressive enough that even advanced skiers and those who love backcountry will enjoy their time spent at the mountain. There are many intimidating mountains and daunting backcountry terrain where people are warned to stay away unless they’re comfortable with their ability to navigate avalanche danger areas. There is not so much of that at Shames, however, there is a variety of bowls and steeps, as well as accessible runs that challenge even the most seasoned skier and rider.

Dining and shopping is available at Prince Rupert and in the small area surrounding the mountain. Guests can find typical mountain fare and cafeterias, as well as fine dining and a variety of ethnic treats. Cafés and lounges are available as well. The area’s economy revolves heavily around year round mountain tourism, so guests are able to find all necessary amenities in and around the area.

It’s ideal for families because there are enough runs and easy terrain on the mountain for kids and those rather new to skiing. The ski school can help teach people to ski and snowboard and make children more comfortable about getting out on the terrain safely. Traveling to the area with kids is easy because it’s all highway accessible. The road that goes up to the mountain is a bit long and winding and follows the drainage access paths but it’s not so treacherous that guests would be uncomfortable getting there in a properly outfitted vehicle.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous vacation or a place to take kids that doesn’t have the pressure of big crowds put Shames Mountain in British Columbia on your list. Snowboarding Zone – Shames Mountain, BC:

Riders Guide – Shames Mountain is one of many coastal ski resorts in British Columbia, offering a variety of terrain that should keep even advanced skiers and snowboarders happy. Over 40 feet of snow drop annually over the more than 25 trails that are designed mostly for intermediate skiers. The top elevation of the mountain hits 3,900 feet with a base elevation of 2,300 feet. The mountain has an impressive vertical drop of 1,600 feet and more than 100 skiable acres as well as another 100 acres of natural glades. The trails are split up with 60% designed for intermediate skiers and 19% given the black diamond designation for advanced skiers. A full 21% are designed for beginners which makes this a great place for families and new skiers.

Parks and Pipes – The freestyle terrain park is designed for those who are familiar with snowboarding. Some of the features are smaller for beginners but it’s also advised that those who aren’t yet comfortable on a snowboard or riding park should take lessons at the ski and snowboarding school before heading out into the park.

Out of Bounds – Nearby Terrace is a great place to go when you’re ready to spend some time away from the slopes with a variety of shops, restaurants and pubs to enjoy. There is also a cafeteria in the base lodge at Shames.

Hangout & Hookup – The Terrace Visitor’s Center can help you find places for après ski. This town includes a variety of lodging, dining and shopping experiences as well as lounges where visitors can enjoy an evening after a day on the slopes. Because Prince Rupert is also very close, generally less than a half hour drive away, it’s a great place to go for nightspots and entertainment, with lots of family friendly activities.

The Deal – You can reach the mountain by renting a car and driving, flying into Terrace or Prince Rupert, or taking a train from Prince George or Prince Rupert. There are also two Greyhound buses that travel to the mountain daily. From Prince Rupert it’s about 22 miles west, turn off onto the Shames exit before you reach Terrace, which is only about 15 miles further down the road.