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Ski Summit Lake, BC

Summit Lake is run by the local community. Located in the Kootenays region of British Colombia, it’s not far from Revelstoke, which offers an almost completely opposite experience than visitors get Summit Lake. The 12.5 feet of snowfall at Summit Lake means there’s always fresh powder but the hill isn’t as high as many others and boasts a modest vertical drop of 500 feet. Since the ski area is relatively small there are only a few lifts and a limited amount of terrain for advanced skiers.

One of the biggest draws of Summit Lake is that night skiing is available. Another perk is the abundance of wildlife to be observed and enjoyed. There are black bears and grizzly bears, deer, cougars, moose and a variety of birds and small animals. Bald and grey eagles can be spotted at Summit Lake as well as ospreys, hawks, owls and even hummingbirds in warm weather. The beavers and muskrats that make the lake area their home can be seen oftentimes.

Dining and accommodations are about 10 miles away and really the only thing in the area directly around the ski hill is the day lodge and a small restaurant. Because it is community run, it doesn’t offer all the amenities of a fancy resort or world-class ski destination, but it really is an ideal place for families and crowds seeking a more laidback skiing experience. Nearly everything at Summit Lake is child friendly and there are many beginner and bunny slopes. Ski classes are also available which can help kids learn to snowboard or ski. There is also a terrain park is available with a halfpipe for kids and beginning snowboarders to enjoy.

Community run ski like Summit Lake are great, intimate and friendly small Canadian resorts. While there might not be any luxuries at the hill, guests are always warmly welcomed and there is hardly ever a line. It’s a great opportunity to get off the beaten path, get back to nature and experience the best in Canadian hospitality.

The resort is quiet, quaint and a great place to go for families or individuals seeking a more relaxed opportunity. The wildlife thrives in the area and it’s a great place to see some of the most majestic creatures in North America in their natural habitats. While throngs of people flock to Revelstoke and other large resorts, visitors who desire a more serene ski vacation should head to Summit Lake in British Colombia. Snowboarding Zone – Summit Lake, BC:

Riders Guide – Summit Lake is great for riders with limited experience and children. Half of all the trails are designed for novice skiers and there’s even a bunny slope designed for first timers. About 40% of the remaining trails are designed for intermediate riders and only 10% of the trails at Summit Lake are designed for advanced riders. There are 30 skiable acres and 8 trails. Even with a relatively small number, there are never lift lines because Summit Lake is such a well-kept secret and so many people who come to the area completely overlook this intimate, community run resort.

Parks and Pipes – There is a terrain park at Summit Lake and even a halfpipe. The features in the terrain park are mostly on the small side for beginning and intermediate riders, however there are a few features designed for the more advanced snowboarders. There’s a great array of jumps, jibs, boxes and rails along with many natural features.

Out of Bounds – In the immediate area around the mountain there isn’t much in the way of amenities and activities aside from snow sports. A kilometer of cross-country trails are available for Nordic skiers or guests may choose to spend an afternoon with friends and family in the day lodge or have a meal in the cafeteria. The beauty of Summit Lake is in its simplicity, this is a simple resort that focuses on the pure enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding.

Hangout & Hookup – This small community ski area doesn’t have much in the way of après ski, however, many people do gather in the day lodge to enjoy a hot beverages and snacks after skiing. The nearest town is about 10 miles away and offers more in the way of restaurants, bars and lounges to enjoy after a day on the slopes.

The Deal – From the nearby Revelstoke Ski Resort and Nakusp, guests will travel southeast on Highway 23 and take the easy drive to get Summit Lake. Be sure to bring cash when visiting Summit Lake because they don’t accept debit or credit cards.