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Ski Experience - Silverton

Silverton Mountain Ski Resort may not be the first name you think of for world-class skiing, but if you're a serious or expert skier, perhaps it should be. This four-corners area resort is found north of Durango, within the San Juan National Forest. Ouray, Silverton, and Placerville form a triangle, with the better known Telluride in the middle of those points. Ouray has been quietly making tracks as the “Switzerland of America” for many years now. The dramatic and breathtaking views along the way have delighted visitors since the 1800's, and Native American tribes have visited the area for 10,000 years. But that still doesn't quite explain why Silverton doesn't get the press it so richly deserves.

Ski Level

To ski on Silverton Mountain is to, as they say, “Ride Colorado.” Steeper and seeper is another catchy extreme sports soundbyte. Ranked number one in the nation for steeps and for powder, experts and pros agree that Silverton is epic skiing. In part, because it was formed by skiers and snowboarders, rather than commercial investment designers. Here's what some have said about skiing the area.

"Silverton is a soulful touch of what the culture if skiing is truly about. Leaving behind the glitz and stepping into nature with a group of friends to overcome obstacles in a healthy environment. The beauty is in the simplicity of Silverton Mountain. It is a hut trip with a chairlift."
-- Chris Anthony, Professional Skier | Vail, Colorado

"Silverton Mountain is pretty close to the most pure skiing experience one can find today, an epic mountain, bountiful snowfall (the deep and light Colorado kind!), and none of the distractions of other ski areas (crowds!) Silverton is like heli-skiing with a chairlift!”
-- Chris Davenport, Professional Skier, Film Star, Red Bull Athlete | Aspen, Colorado.

If you have the ability, this ski area will challenge you. If you don't have the knowledge, skills, and abilities, you can obtain them through the Silverton Outdoor Learning and Recreation Center (SOLRC). This non-profit teaches experientially and directly, within the mountains. Beginners and intermediate skiers would be well advised to take careful appraisal of themselves and their abilities. This is real, backcountry skiing and while it is an awesome ride, skiing at this level defines “extreme sport.”

Après Ski

Just because people come here for the skiing, that doesn't mean you'll be suffering miserable food fare. The Brown Bear Cafe is a local favorite for meals, while the Silverton Brewery provides both ale and grub. There are other bars, restaurants and coffee houses, of course. If you're qualified, you already know the drill, so we won't bore you with tips about layering clothes, powder jackets, wind chill, frostbite, etc. Just come prepared and in decent shape and ready to have the time of your life.